4-H offers many opportunities for young people to learn about personal finance, including fund-raising for their club or a community service project, participating in clubs dedicated to investment, and selling their own market animal at the fair.

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Want to learn how you can pay for college? 

How can youth learn to obtain the funds they really want? Money Management programs can teach youth how to earn, save and invest all of their money.

Knowing how to handle money will have a lasting impact on youth and their future. It can be the difference between:

  • Having $1,000 and $1,000,000
  • A future of debt or a future of profit
  • The panic of living paycheck to paycheck or realization of your dreams and goals

Learning the basics of personal finance as a youth is a positive step toward a successful financial future. The resources below offer information, activities, tools and an opportunity to engage in the learning process.


4-H Youth Entrepreneurship