Houseplants with Sayde Heckman

April 10, 2020

MSU Extension Cabin Fever Conversations featuring House Plants Sayde Heckman.

Cabin Fever Conversations help connect you to your garden and fellow gardeners, even when we are stuck inside during the long Michigan winters. Each weekly session featured a conversation to help get your mind outside and into the garden, highlighting the passion and wisdom of featured speakers.

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Video Transcript

[Isabel] [Abby] [Isabel] [Sayde] [Isabel] [Sayde] [Isabel] [Sayde] [Isabel] [Sayde] [Isabel] [Sayde] [Abby] [Sayde] [Isabel] [Sayde] [Isabel] [Sayde] [Abby] [Sayde] [Isabel] [Abby] So welcome everybody today. Today's conversation for the Cabin Fever Conversation series today we're talking with Sayde Hackman about houseplants. As you can see we're all surrounded by our own friends today. I have quite a few house plants here and actually the majority of the house plants in my house, like this Peace Lily right now came from our MSU Extension office in Ingham County about 3 weeks ago now feels like a little bit longer than that. We got the note that our office was closing for the forseeable future and so we had a quick panic... get everything that you might need to work from home and a lot of folks were rational about it and grabbed keyboards or mouse or things that make it ergonomically pleasant to work from home, but I walked out with a cart of about 15 different house plants from around the office that I was really anxious about surviving for however long it would be,and now knowing this is going on longer than we originally thought, I'm really grateful I did that, but my back and shoulders are suffering for it as well. So this peace lily came from the Ingham County Extension Office. My name's Abby Harper I am a community food systems educator with MSU Extension and my co-host is Isabel. [Isabel] I'm Isabel Branstrom. I am one of the consumer horticulture educators for MSU Extension and I just want to take a moment to encourage everyone to grab a houseplant friend like Abby said. I think it would be fun if you grabbed one of your friends to watch this with. Today we're talking to Sayde Heckman. Sayde is the garden and arboretum manager manager at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. I have seen this woman wield a chainsaw like it's nobody's business. It is amazing. She is also a well collected house plant owner. She has about 138 house plants right? That's the exact number. And so we're really grateful that she is joining us here today. I also want to mention just a little bit about Yew Dell. So it is spelled Y-E-W like a shrub and Dell like a computer (but not in reference to computer) and if anybody is looking for Spring-y content like a lot of really beautiful blooms, you should head on over to their social media pages because I've been looking at it has been making me feel really happy to see all of those colorful blooms. Yew Dell is down in Kentucky. They are in they are in full swing of spring right now so with that hail snow rain we got yesterday in Michigan, just seeing some bright colorful blooms and sunshine makes me feel really good. So welcome Sayde. We're really happy to have you here. We want to start off ,do you mind, giving us a tour showing us around? [Sayde] Absolutely. Thank you guys for inviting me to do this I'm very excited and very nervous. I've never done one of these before so thank you. I'll take you around my collection real quick. Like Isabel said, I have a 138 specimens in my collection and I document it all on Instagram at Sayde Lady Crazy Plant Lady. and last night I actually started a new YouTube channel so you can find the full tour on there. I'll unplug you from the charger and we'll go walk around real quick. I'll flip the camera around. Alright. So right now we're in my bedroom so you can see here and then along my south facing window is where I have all of my cacti, succulents and other random things so there's a bunch of cool stuff in here like a helicopter plant. A lot of my plants I've gotten from around the country. Some from Baltimore, Raleigh North Carolina ,Chicago Illinois, Missouri,Yew Dell Botanical Gardens here in Louisville. Coconut Palm. I have a hanging plant display which is behind me. More on my dresser. These are all of my Pothos and Epiprinums. This is probably one of my favorite houseplants my collection. and it's an Epiprinum so it's related to all of your typical pothos plants.. And then if we walk into the living room it's kind of messy because we're in the process of moving so I apologize. But this is where the rest of my house plants are, so I have alocasias up along the balcony sliding door. Mangaves. Colathea. All kinds of really cool stuff in the living room and they're all displayed on a variety of different shelves. I usually try to thrift them. So I like to re-purpose a lot of my shelves, so a lot of these are from thrift stores. I occasionally get lumber and d.i.y. some shelves in here as well. So this is a brief little glimpse into my houseplant collection. We'll go back in here so we can chat. That's good. We have lots of plants. 138 to be exact. To be exact. ( that's really close to my face...0 So yeah that was a little brief walk around the apartment and I live in about a 900 square foot apartment so it's relatively small and I only have 4 to 6 windows so I have to keep everything on one side of the apartment which is challenging. [Abby] It is a really amazing view. I think that's more than the last time we talked. Yes. I want to start out just sharing with us what got you geeked about houseplants to begin with. [Sayde] Ok so I started out at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens as a horticultural apprentice. I had just recently graduated from college and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my career in horticulture, so I went to Yew Dell as an apprentice and they give you exposure to all aspects of horticulture whether that's teaching and education, to your garden designing and maintenance, public outreach in working with visitors, plant sales, all kinds of stuff. So that's where I originally started my plant addiction in general and then when I was at Yew Dell, we have a glass house which we do a lot of propagation in and that's where my houseplant collection started was in that greenhouse. So I would take little cuttings and things off the succulents and cactis and I would stick them in my own little trays in the greenhouse and that's where some of my very first plants came from was out of Yew Dell's greenhouses. But it really exploded...we have a volunteer at Yew Dell, and she is also really big into houseplants and she had tons of begonias. So at first, my entire collection was comprised of about 30 different begonias that I have propagated from her house and that's when it really started. So over the past I would say the entire year of 2019 I probably bought the most house plants I ever had at one point my collection was comprised of about 200 plant specimens. And being so new to this since I've only been in horticulture professionally for 3 years now I'm still very much learning and adapting and trying to figure out this myself. So I've killed a lot of stuff. I have all of my plants inventoried in an Excel spreadsheet so I can keep track of what I bought, how it's doing, or why it died. So if I do decide to buy it again I could troubleshoot from that. I've killed about about as many as I have now. I have 138 in my collection and I've probably killed close to 120. So it's a trial and error process but I still absolutely love it and it's because of Yew Dell and the volunteers there that I have such an addiction to house plants and plants in general. So that's kind of kind of where it started. [Isabel] Cool and so you kind of already covered part of this but what's been like the timeline of your passion for houseplants and how has it grown? [Sayde] Ok so in 2017. After I graduated in May, that's when I got the Yew Dell internship program and that's when I started there. My first houseplants were propagated in December of 2017 and those were the Agaves and succulents that I talked about from Yew Dells greenhouses. And then once I moved out of The Apprentice house in Yew Dell which would have been May of 2018, that's when I started the garden manager position there at Yew Dell. So from May of 2018 until now, that's when I got the bulk of my houseplant collection. And I always tell people when I interviewed at Yew Dell, it was a phone interview for the apprenticeship program. I was super nervous I had no idea what I was doing, and Paul Cappielo, our executive director asked me during the interview "what is your favorite plant." And when I answered...I have a landscape design background and in university learns kind of the basic staple plants in a landscape.. So my favorite at the time was Japanese Barberry which is extremely invasive and not a good plant and I think Paul probably realized this poor girl needs help... her favorite plant is Japanese Barberry. we need to educate her. So, starting at Yew Dell, I have learned so much about plants than I ever did in university. University definitely gave me the foreground and the foundation for it, but once I got to Yew Dell, I discovered hellebores, and epipremnums,and all kinds of different funky plants, and galanthus and all kinds of really cool stuff. Which helped in the houseplant addiction because then I started going to cool specimen nurseries like Bryant Botanicals or Big Bloomers Flower Farm in Raleigh North Carolina or buying plants online from specialty growers of Begonias and Orchids. It got extremely extremely ridiculous. [Isabel] Do you think that harkens back to how much you can learn in the garden [Sayde] exactly in from other people but I think that's really cool because my collection. 138 plants which is a lot, but there are millions and millions and millions of plants I could possibly have. This is just scratching the surface. This will never end. it will always be an addiction and if it's never going to end. It is just going to go up from here. [Abby] So Sayde, I think you kind of got at this, but can you share why you think it's important to cultivate houseplants? I know a lot of folks are focused right now on thinking about you know food production in the summer. What to you makes it important and kind of meaningful to do this indoor cultivation of gardens. [Sayde] Yes that's a great question and there's a lot of really cool answers to this but for me, when I was an apprentice, I was living in provided housing that wasn't my own. I didn't have a garden I could tend to. I couldn't plant anything outside and then becoming garden manager I got my own apartment. Because that was the most affordable option for me at the time in Louisville. So I live in a tiny apartment with a small like 6 by 10 balcony and I wanted to be able to bring a garden inside because I garden at work which is awesome but there's nothing like having plants of your own to tend to. So for me it provides me the opportunity to garden at home even though I don't have the ideal scenario or a garden outside. For me, it brings a lot of joy a lot of fun and I was telling Isabel and Abby the other day when we zoomed, that I am a professional horticulturalist. So I do this full time as a career and then I also have 2 private gardening clients that I work for as well I just started a You Tube channel for this and I have an Instagram account for my houseplants, so sometimes you have to remember houseplants do take a lot of work depending on what kind of specimens you have. And being a total plant nerd that I am I have a lot of things that I shouldn't have in my apartment. that are extremely difficult to take care of so at some points that can be extremely stressful if I'm private gardening on the side and doing all of these things. But every time that I get to water or prune my plants or take pictures of my plants it brings me so much happiness that it outweighs every single little bit of stress that these plants could possibly cause me like if there's a bug on it. Because I'm always learning I'm always having fun. So I think everybody should have a house plant. A lot of people think I'm crazy for having so many, they tease me at work that my plant addiction could be diagnosable and I should be prescribed something. They like to tease me about that. But it's the only way I get to garden and if it has to be endorsed and people have to think I'm weird then that's exactly what I'm going to do you because I love plants and I like sharing with everybody. And especially in times like this, where you have to be inside for the safety of you and your family, I still have plants by my side that I can use every day. And being inside and self-quarantined, there's no free time in my apartment there is there's always something to do, something to be done, and that's because of my houseplants. If I didn't have those, I don't think I would be as calm and have a normalized experience with COVID19 if I didn't have my house plants. I think it's very similar to people that garden as well in the typical home garden setting. Just everybody needs plants. We belong in nature and nature belongs with us so there's no reason to not bring it inside. [Isabel] yeah very cool I think I feel very similarly with my friends here. [Isabel] So what would be your top 3 favorite houseplants? [Sayde] Top 3 favorites... it's so hard. The ones that I've been really really excited about lately are Mangave. I don't think people typically think... YES! is that Man of Steel? [Isabel] Yes this is the Man of Steel mangave. [Sayde] I love Man of Steel. I have that one too. But I would say mangaves and a lot of these are bred by Hans Hanson at Walter Gardens. I think it's a brand or a nursery of proven winners. But I love Hans Hanson I've seen him speak multiple times time and I love all of his mangaves. So I have 4 or 5 in my collection. Which I really enjoyed. They're extreme really tough plants. They don't mind the dry awful conditions that are in my apartment so they they thrive very very well. A lot of my I got from Yew Dell Botanical Gardens from our plants sales and they quadrupled in size since I got them last fall. so they're very great house plants very low maintenance I've never seen any pest issues on them and they're just happy as can be and a lot of them are still in their little tiny nursery containers so they take the abuse that I give them. So I'd say mangaves are definitely my favorites and we recently got a huge shipment from Hans Hansen of 24 new selections of mangaves out at Yew Dell. So I did an unboxing with that and I just get giddy about mangaves. I don't think that's going to go away and the weirder they are the better. [Isabel] they do get pretty wierd...thorny slash colorful slash.... [Sayde] Yeah there was a couple you guys will have to look up on Google.. there is one called dreadlocks which I absolutely love has really twisted leaves. There is one, I can't remember what it was called ,maybe Whales Tail was the name of it, and has extremely distorted foliage. And I don't think a lot of normal people would buy it, but I think plant weirdos I think would definitely gravitate towards it because it's so weird. So yeah, mangaves are number one. Number 2 it's so hard so hard. [Isabel] If you don't have a number 2 it's Ok. [Sayde] yeah we'll just say one that I'm looking at my bedroom. Is it o.k. if I go grab it I want to go grab it. Yes please. I'll grab two. These will be my last two favorites. Ok.There are too many plants in here Ok. So this one, It's really big I got it as a cutting from Bryan's Botanicals, which is a fantastic tropical plant jungle right outside of Louisville and Shepherdsville Kentucky. This is an Epipremnum. can you see it's leaves? It's the same genus as a pothos so for your golden pothos, our marble pathos, things like that. This one is Dragon Tales of the cultivar. So that's really cool dissected foliage and it's very very happy you can see all of the new leaves and I got this from Brian and I just bought a stem cutting so it's just a very small portion of the stem that he gave me and it just had one leaf and that was May be. 7 or 8 months ago so it's not very old and he's huge!. One. Epipremnum and pothos are one of my favorite because a lot of people collect just your basic one but there's a lot of really weird ones, like behind me, there is "Cebu Blue" hanging up and that has more veination in the foliage and the foliage is a lot longer. So they come in all kinds of weird shapes and sizes which I really enjoy. Then we'll do the 3rd one I don't know anything where yeah you. Know this is a Crassula, it is related to Jade. or Jade Necklace which I also have that one as well, which is a selection of jade. But this is Ivory Pagoda. I really love this plant. I got just one in Raleigh North Carolin. I go to the Perennial Plant Association meetings so I always take an empty suitcase to pack full of houseplants to bring back home so this flew back in my suitcase. 2 p.p.s. ago so not this year, not last year but the year before it. it's quadruple that sized So when I bought it it was just this one little branch like here and it's very very happy and the other one that doesn't mind the dry awful apartment that I'm living in and it just thrives and does its thing and it's so cool. I just can't get enough of it so so this is probably my 3 favorite as of now on the spot. (Isabel) Cool! Thank you! [Abby] So along with that can you share a little bit about some common indicators in your plants that they might not be happy and how to adjust for that? What are some common problems that... [Isabel] That's a good question. For me since I am so busy I like plants that tell me what they want. So there's a lot of different plants that you can get such as any of the succulents or sedums... so your jade, the crassula Different types like kalanchoe and those kinds of plants or even pepperomias, as their leaves kind of get wrinkly when they are thirsty which is a really good indicator that your plant needs a drink. Typically when they get kind of Wrinkly or wilted it's not going to go all downhill from there so if you water it they usually will recover very quickly which I really enjoy. Compared to some plants as soon as they wilt the leaves are probably going to die because you've waited too long with those kinds of plants. It's a really good indicator if you're busy then you can just briefly look at the plant rather than having to really check the soil temperature or things like that to make sure . So I really like plants that tell me what they want by getting those different wilting techniques. Let's see what else I like insects. In fact are awful. With a lot of my health plan since you should definitely be doing a lot of preventive measures for pets so cleaning them regularly watering regularly providing them the environment that they want the dung people in your apartment without proper humanity in temperature and sunlight which I view. Without some of those things you definitely get from pest issues and for those what to look out for you definitely have to inspect your plant some of the hardest insects to discover are I was a scale which are really tightly like little just bumpy in fact that cover stems very Rangoli and it's extremely hard to see them far away so I actually just threw away I had a very good citrus plant that was really excited for it but I got really close into it will not have to have a little magnifying glass to be able to see new scales and I'm just absolutely covered sometimes you just have to. Buy some signs to know if your plants do you have in fact problem is that they're stunned like their growth a stunted a lot of you have a plant or done really really well and it's been growing like crazy kind of like my Epi primer if I notice that its growth started to slow down for some reason and it didn't relate to water or so might or anything like that nothing is changed I would probably an active for and back the image same thing with any discoloration So there is any good outing on for we had 2nd kind of. Either like spider mites they just echoing one for huge for damage. Or if you see white fuzzy. Things on your leaves that could be merely bugs. I'm very good at spotting your bags because I have a bunch of elephant ears allocation right writhing around and really bugs really love them during the winter because they're just not happy they're not in your environment that they want to be n. so bugs are tracked back. So yet usually the plants are pretty good at telling you. If they have sex for sure you'll have what she said about. Choosing plants that tell you what they need and I think more as well as what they need it's just a matter of slowing down enough to to be able to realize it so I just can't believe that I brought home from the author as they have another one in office that's been there for a while that my coworker calls dramatic because. She definitely when she wants water she makes a big scene of it right she like it will get it's the nice thing about peaceful is that they're pretty resilient and get some water they pop back up but I kind of I love that you know she's telling us she wants. Some play I'm sorry I think more dramatic Yes but most plants are pretty good at killing us. Yeah exactly you have some that just up and died for no reason and you'll never know why they're just or mad like you that was on my most dramatic plants are probably the prayer plants and yet. Can you know every one of those do you have one close back. Here I can have. I have one I used to have a bunch but those are kind of a plant I've kind of given up on since I am so busy they're just not worth the time so I don't have the time to commit to taking care of them so I have to be a little selective but this plant is probably the best prayer plant I've owned and had it for me be a year and a half and it is so so happy and it. Doesn't mind if I don't water it as often and it doesn't get those Christie edges So here I'll slip the camera around so this is my Fishbone per plant and you can see it doesn't have a whole lot of Christe the edges it might have a few little pieces but this is one that's extremely extremely happy in my apartment Usually I have a humidifier running for these guys but since I'm moving I don't have that set up right now but they have the purple underside on them like a lot of them and this one's done really well compared to I have man Dahlia that here would help that if that is static it just drives out all the time it doesn't get in a few minutes he doesn't like me at all. Another good one is this is actually a straw man thing but it's very similar to the clay he has and this is trio star you can see it has some edges but that's because I don't have my you know fire on right now but this is another really good one that's been a lot easier. Than some of the other plants so I know you're very edges which I definitely have get my plants and that's usually a hydration and I can or yeah yeah absolutely and with a lot of the prayer put some leaves curl up into themselves when they're thirsty so that's a good one actually watered yesterday because it was completely Well that was a little tortilla. So used me thirsty and so that's another thing to watch out for 2 very cool. So I think since we are running while it's 1035 and we haven't gotten to the eyeglasses question yet and I have. I mean are you I'm sorry yes when you're excited about some times yeah hard to have at it. But I just wanted to ask. So how do you share your passion for Haskins of others and I know you have mentioned like some house plants wops which move we can't do right now but I think it began to hear about. And then we had a few questions about propagation. So if you could cover just like a little bit about propagation and turning plants of the great perfect Yeah so I think that's the best part of we're all sure it's so easy to share information and share your passion for plants so I do that on your social media also with Instagram or sharing it there you don't Instagram as well so doing plant tourism walks and that kind of stuff as you participate in some house plants faux swaps there's one group called Global plant swap here in Louisville Kentucky and this is a small group plant attics that get together they take cuttings off of their plants and we just swap them around and hang out and have snacks so that's always really fine I know there's you guys are familiar with Summer Rain Oaks you have a You Tube channel called homestead Brooklyn she is probably one of the main founders of the house plant swap movement and she holds huge gatherings of plants once with hundreds of people and I know she travels around the country forced the fork open 1000 and does huge house plants watch so I definitely encourage people just to invite their friends over that may or may not be interested in plants and just hang out swap plants do a little tour I had a couple of girls I met on Instagram actually. That I've swapped plants with so my very 1st plant swap was somebody that reached out to me on Instagram she said hey this is not doing well do you want to try and see if you can bring it back to life so I met her down in downtown will at a plant store and we did a little clip swap and then we also had a little gathering in my apartment where 4 of us got together and just ate dinner treated plants and just talked everything plants so those are a lot of fun and I just like nurturing out with people so any opportunity I get to share my love of plants I'm down for it and I think social media in You Tube exceptionally now is a really great avenue to do that so like I said earlier I started You Tube channel because I'm crazy and I just want to fill up all of my spare time with nonsense so you see it's a really great avenue you can go on there and find all kinds of really great information and be able to share ideas that important in there so I don't know. What about like propagation so I think the houseplants is something that people can think about for the future which is very limiting rents are kind of out of this area and so if you are bringing these cuttings to a spa or sharing them with people what kind of goes into that once you like have you know a little cutting what happens gotcha Ok so a lot of the plants I propagated I usually do ones that are easy to do so whether that's with water propagation which is probably my favorite so I have this little tassel water here you can just stick a cutting in America and just watch the roots to the bank which I really love and I think that's the easiest way to understand propagation is being able to see across water so say if we j.n. a propagation. My Epi prime loans. It's so big so each has a little internet service section between each race connecting to the stem there's little you can kind of see little roots at the bottom I think that there's health care Ok yeah yeah I don't like studies notes forming to those all kind speckles Yes yes of this but it likes to climb so it would use these to climb up things but if I wanted to propagate some of this where these 2 leaves are connecting on the stem I would cut it at the base and I would just pop that in my glass of water and in a couple of weeks it'll produce fruits and I can stick it in some soil and it's ready to go so I really like propagation that super easy but there's also plants like a lot of your succulents and cacti that you can just rip off a little leaf and Proton a pot of soil and it will produce another plant so things like Jane if you have leaves that fall off into your pots of your jade plant if you just leave it there and water it as normal it'll eventually shoot up a new plant from that leash where it broke off the stem so that was another really cool way to do it and that's how I started all of my 1st house plants was just taking a year and throwing on a tray and seeing which ones produced in the plant so those are some of my favorite in there probably some of the fastest a lot of plants don't propagate every single way so there are some plants that you better from seeing some plants that the better from stem cuttings and some do better from which cuttings so it definitely takes a lot of trial and error and there's a lot of really great resources for propagating. But it's definitely lot of fun and it's a good way to learn what kind of player dealing with you yeah my career some of those propagation resources Yeah I just wanted to after getting Jayden this is yes yeah my office my office friends. I for one a very large a just as a lethal as a now it's on own little plant Yes Yeah yeah so I think we'll transition to some audience questions. We had a couple about easy going or claims and. I'm the same category of house plants that I could both for homes with children and with pets which aren't the same but maybe have similar. Yeah I'm not good online the safe for children pets categoric so I don't have eyes that are plants are my babies now I go I can't help are now one but I know there is a lot of resources and what I have looked at before is it's really hard to find a very good reputable source that is accurate as they stop a scientific research for a lot of those things so just be aware that you really need to search for a good resource for toxicity had in people and things like that because I wasn't arses out there yeah I will say we will be sending a lot of resources out from a lot of university extension Yes here I miss you and the University of Minnesota have a lot of great resources for house plants I will be sending those at and that will those will be trustworthy sources yeah yeah yeah usually if it's an extension or some sort of government based thing it's a lot a lot easier and better to go from and then when it comes to easiest houseplants I would say of course stance in the area which is your mother in law or snake plants extremely easy they don't need a lot of humidity they don't need a lot of sun but if you do get home a lot of sun they grow like crazy which I don't think people realize so stance of areas are for sure a really easy beginner plant of course. Even some of the weirder ones are still really easy to take care of so what my driving tail here. I need still a very money easy to take care of don't you a lot of humidity and you can propagate a mite crazy. So those are play the top 2 my collection Jade's are extremely easy. Yet really anything that you want your to Google except in house plants that's probably what I would say as well because they're just easy a trustee and they don't need a lot of extra care. Yeah and I know. We showed that top those I think you show the couple before yeah as well and I will say to add to that just finding ways to keep them out of reach I think that's then others but doing hanging things can be you know yet it's a matter of reach of small children of the other I find is a really attractive if you have yet because it's a lot of fun to play with. Yeah yeah my house would not be very good for. Any little people or pets because I have plants everywhere all over the floor. So we've been getting some questions about fungus gnats. Do you have any recommendations for that yet there's all kinds of different recommendations for fungus that go only the main thing is fungus gnats love water so if you're watching your plants too often or too frequently you're going to have fungus mats and they're not going to go away because of something magical So what you need to do with understand is if you see them in your soil you need to let your containers dry out until the plant tells you it needs water so typically I have a couple of different tools you can either use the hands and stick your finger into the soil and if the top 2 inches are dried out you're pretty good to water again because the fungus gnat larvae sit right below the surface of the soil and that's where they reproduce so that area dries out the fungus nets are going to survive they need that moisture humidity to thrive. So that's one way just making sure you're not over watering in a really great tool to do that with I have this moisture probe that I use during the winter because I'm really bad about overwatering especially in the wintertime so this little thing you can get on with Lowe's Home Depot any plant store and it has 3 different settings you can measure light intensity on it you can measure the ph and you can measure the moisture level so you have a little dial that extremely dry. And that's the fantastic tool to have so usually around the water plants if they're in the dry to moderately dry category so then I can prevent this now and I haven't had fungus gnats probably in the past year and a half after getting that moisture meter because it helps a lot. Yes I know you can also post like sand or some sort of Course material on top of the soil in your containers as well what will prevent them from being able to get down into the soil so that's another way to do that as well. So definitely is just watering got to really watch your water for fungus and I have make sense yeah and I will say I also say to you it's also studied entomology right so you can I rarely buy the lady as well. So I do love it actually contemplating going to grad school and small engine but it's definitely a hobby I have lots of collections of insects that I've collected variety of places but actually for some of my tests issues last winter I tried releasing beneficial insects in my apartment allowing your healthily cringing right now. But I mean you already have bugs so why not add some good bugs to the collection. So I tried those for a little while I tried least when Marma and you just released them on your plants and they're just little they called a 5 lions as well so they just destroy any soft money in sacks that is causing damage to your plant and then during a summer time if you pull your plants but they can just fly away there are native in some places you might want to double check on that to make sure not releasing things into the right when they shouldn't be but here in Kentucky they are part of the native ecosystem so it doesn't bother anything they added I've dealt with them and they hate their they didn't help. The thing with those just like a lot of my house plants they need humidity so if you let your apartment dry out those eggs because usually you want a cards and you hang them in your plants mix hatching they crawl or your plants if those dry out you won't have a. Catching rate for your eggs so you really have to keep up on it so that's why they typically use them in greenhouses. And not apartment but I know a lot of people use things like lady bugs to release for insect damage as well in apartments homestead Brooklyn has a really great series on pest control in an indoor environment so she would be a really good resource to check out I just dabble a bit weird so I just think it's. Really going to be absolute and. So we are going to take one more question in the audience because we're getting close to almost 11 o'clock. So the last question is what would be your recommendations for plants that are good for low light areas good for low light perfect question there are so many people that ask me what do I put my bathroom in has no windows My answer is nothing because all clamps need light if. It's just like what pets I put in a crate and not feed it you have you have to give your plants they need they all need some light they all need to put aside but the best ones for the light. Sansbury as those are probably the tops to your call a c.s. don't need a whole lot of sunlight so a lot of my posts and stance of areas are pushed up against the wall so they get like kind of sort of white but it's pretty pretty dark on the spectrum of light intensity so those are really good ones. Are another great plant for low light I just have them in the window that gets a little bit of morning sun and they're very happy as well so stance of area in Korea is are definitely my favorite for low light and they're easy so. I think. And I know there were a lot of other presidents that came and I think we might be able to do in the. In the response email that you get a phone right now is answer a few of those specific Lee because I know I know we've promised to under an hour and I kind of. So say to you just to finish we like to ask folks what is bringing you joy or hope right now with regards to your house plants or what what is bringing some hope yes yeah. I mean just a quarter cultural community and General is phenomenal. There is no challenge that I've ever seen or heard a cultural speck down from in closing 1000 just happens to be one of those. So for my houseplants you can order a lot of plants online a lot of nurseries in that growers are adjusting to this craziness and making the best of it so that's one thing that I love is that I can still be sanely crazy plant lady even during times are hard and I'm still able to do that so that brings me a lot of happiness and then also that you know what you know pardons were doing a lot of social media content and doing bulk walks into or is and learning out about plants the gardens so we're still able to bring our gardens to the community through social media and I can't imagine going through this without social media because like we are doing now we can chat nerd out keep some sort of normalized routine in our schedule and I really love that and when they return that you know also is we've also adjusted to our my plant sales. And we had one last week that blew our goal out of the water which is absolutely fabulous So the response that we're getting from people in the plant community is tremendous and horticulture is not going anywhere plants will always be there for us and I think people are really realising that plants can really help them during this time so I'm just glad to be in horticulture and to have people like you guys to talk to as house plants are awesome plants are awesome and support Planned Parenthood. So yeah just get yourself a plant try something new get out in the garden and and have fun with it because now's the time to do cool thank you yeah I think we're experiencing a similar thing with this kind of behavior conversation. Yeah I think people do want to kind of that normalcy and to continue to know that about plants because when you love plant and the like want to talk about. Exactly and to not be able to stand right next to somebody and chat about plants is really difficult. Going feeling that to you know. Where really grateful that you could join us today say the thank you yeah it's very fun. And the will be sending out a resource you know after this and we're fully trying to answer a few more of those questions or at least sending resources where people can find answers to the questions and next week we will have Rebecca center and on and she'll be talking about container gardens are gardening which I think is kind of relates to the House plan idea or if you don't have a yard or space you know you can still grow plants and connect with people. So we'll have that next week very exciting and thank you again say for joining us today yes thank you and I don't pray to include my the Savior the crazy plant lady email is proud to be offered the question I have. So. Ok And thank you much everybody who joined in today I hope you learned something new or at least acts take a break from your cabin fever and have some fun in where to plant. You next week thank you everybody.

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