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Get Involved - Student Organic Farm

Get Involved


We welcome volunteers Monday through Friday, February-November. Visit the Volunteer page to read our FAQ and fill out the form.

Farm Crew

The undergraduate students on our crew are the heart and soul of the Student Organic Farm. Learn more on the Farm Crew page.

Donations/Feast in the Field Fundraiser

Running an education-based farm in requires a lot of different kinds of inputs, including community support! Every year, we have the capacity to grow more food and be a more impactful educational and research resource at MSU, but not without your support. Every contribution goes to work immediately, helping us better serve our students and our community. Your support can sustain our momentum and help seed new opportunities for greater and more efficient production, meaningful student internships, academic work on the farm, and future growth of our program. Please consider making a gift to the Student Organic Farm today.

Farm Tours

Visit the Tour page to learn about public and private tours of the SOF.

EFFS Club/SAFS Specialization

The EFFS Club is a multidisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students striving to cultivate sustainable, local, food and community. As an organization, we create opportunities for students to participate in sustainable agriculture and food systems activities. These activities have included conferences, organized events on campus such as guest speakers and workshops, and the promotion and support of small farms and businesses that actively practice or teach about sustainable agriculture. Read more on the EFFS website.

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS) undergraduate minor fosters active learning about agriculture and food systems. Agriculture, the science of farming, provides us with the food and fibers that we need. The concept of sustainable agriculture and food systems is characterized by the long-term viability of the environmental, social and economic aspects of the system. Using real-world examples and the active learning of students and faculty, SAFS explores contemporary food system issues from the community to the international scale. Read more on the SAFS website.