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Student Organic Farm

Cultivating knowledge and capacity in sustainable agriculture for students, farmers, and educators.

The MSU Student Organic Farm is a 15-acre, certified organic year-round teaching and production farm. We use passive solar greenhouses (hoophouses) to produce and distribute fresh produce all year long.

The farm also operates an 8-month Organic Farmer Training Program (OFTP) in year-round organic farming focusing on diversified production of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs for local markets. The OFTP is a robust learning platform for those who are committed to owning their own farm business, managing farm operations, or working with others on their path to food production and sustainable agriculture

Production is carried out by the SOF staff, undergraduate farm crew, OFTP participants, and volunteers. The farm also collaborates with MSU faculty to create learning opportunities for other students at MSU through courses in organic farming, internships, interdisciplinary experiential educational activities, and research opportunities.

The Student Organic Farm is part of the MSU Center for Regional Food Systems which seeks to engage the people of Michigan, the United States and the world in applied research, education and outreach to develop regionally integrated, sustainable food systems.