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2021 4-H Shooting Sports Mail-In Match!

Join 4-H competitors across Michigan in this new contest - never leaving your own county!  Clubs compete locally and report scores online. Rules and details are posted below. 


  • How to participate: Clubs will participate in their respective county, or may partner with neighboring clubs. As with all 4-H shooting sports live fire activities, certified instructors must be present in the discipline being shot. Youth may participate in multiple disciplines, provided a 4-H certified instructor is present in that discipline.

  • Scoring: Participants will learn to score targets as part of this event. All competitors will confirm their scores and initial their score sheets at the completion of their rounds. The certified discipline instructor and one additional club member will also sign the score sheets to signify all are in agreement with the score. Clubs must retain score sheets for one-week after scores are posted online by MSU Extension/Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports and expected to contest any reporting error within that time to Laura Quist, The awards ceremony will be held shortly thereafter.

  • Cost? FREE. No tournament registration fee. Clubs may charge fees, as needed, for ammunition or targets.

  • Registration: Report your score at the time of registration. Once score is reported, it is final and may not be reshot or improved. Clubs must save signed targets/score sheets to verify score posts online correctly. Youth are required to be enrolled in a 4-H club at time practices and report of score, which may span 2 program years. Michigan 4-H is pleased to waive participation fees! 
    Registration Link: COMING IN MID-AUGUST
  • Deadline for scores and registration uploads is September 26, 2021. 

  • State Shoot? This event is NOT the modified State Shoot for 2021, but a separate event. However, rules were kept the same, when possible, which we hope will prepare youth for participation next year. The biggest differences include lack of team competition, participation by 8 year-olds in BB and archery, free event cost, and no travel. We hope you enjoy this event and look forward to hearing about the experience! 

  • Results: Scores will be available online following the deadline. An online ceremony will be hosted over zoom to celebrate the top scorers.


Questions? Contact these individuals. (ANYONE WANT TO BE ADDED?)
General Event Rules General Match Rules  Laura Quist -   who else would like to be added here?
Target Archery 1. General Archery Rules

2. Event Rules
Troy Reynolds - 
Chip Culbertson - 
BB Gun BB Rules Jeff Harthy – 
Dave Van Putten -  
Air Rifle Air Rifle Rules 

Jeff Harthy –
Dave Van Putten -
Small Bore (.22 cal) Rifle Small Bore Rules

Jeff Harthy –
Dave Van Putten -
Air Pistol

Pistol Rules

Pistol targets 

Bob Richards - 
Dave Van Putten -  
Muzzle Loader Muzzle Rules  Bob Richards - 
Hunting & Wildlife Contest over KaHoot!
Details soon!
Linda Taylor - 
Trap Trapshooting Rules
Trap Scoresheet
Scott Wallace - 
Paul Haver - 
Skeet Skeet Rules  Scott Wallace - 
Paul Haver - 
Trap/Skeet Combo Event Trap/Skeet Combo Rules   Scott Wallace - 
Paul Haver -