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Interested in leading shooting sports with a 4-H club?

All 4-H Shooting Sports clubs are supervised by certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor. Instructors must become certified in the specific discipline(s) they wish to lead. These disciplines include archery, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, hunting and wildlife, and pistol. The training includes skill development, safety, risk management and appropriate ways to share this content with youth.  To maintain Instructor status, re-certification is required every 3 years. Volunteers are required at a 1:5 ratio. Please use the link below to review certification policy and procedures, and contact Laura Quist (quistla1@msu.edu) with questions or concerns. 

Certification training events are held annually, in addition to regional training offered by demand throughout the year. Teens age 14+ ready for leadership roles are welcome to attend, able to assist with instruction, under the supervision of a Certified Instructor age 21+. 

How can ‘non-certified’ volunteers help out? Safe shooting sports programs require a lot of support from volunteers. There are many ways to help out! Your certified instructor can provide you with additional information. That might include serving the club administratively, providing STEM lessons, or event planning. Contact your county MSU Extension office or find a local club in your area and don’t be afraid to ask how you can help! 

Instructor manuals are distributed at the 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Training Workshops. This is the only place to obtain an instructor manual. Record books and STEM curriculum are added below. Check the Resources tab for updates to important documents.  

Teen Leader (age 14+) and Adult 4-H Volunteer Certification Training Workshops

Date Location Disciplines offered Event Details


Regional Shooting Sports Instructor Workshops

Clubs or counties may partner to host a training workshop. Contact your county 4-H program staff and Laura Quist, quistla1@msu.edu for information. Download these two planning tools to learn more:

Description: 15 hours (typically a Friday evening through noon on Sunday or a two day regional workshop) Adults and youth 14+ who successfully complete this workshop and all other requirements will receive the certification necessary to become a Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor. Only 4-H certified instructors can lead live-fire, on-range shooting and archery experiences for youth in the 4-H Shooting Sports program. Participants will learn about the Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports’ mission and policies as well as risk management, safety, discipline, specific equipment use and care, teaching methods for youth shooting fundamentals, range set-up and more. Participants will also develop and improve skills in teaching shooting sports activities to youth; learn how to develop, expand and maintain local 4-H Shooting Sports clubs; and have the opportunity to exchange ideas for local and state 4-H Shooting Sports programs with volunteers from many counties and more. Prior to attending Shooting Sports Instructor training events, volunteers must complete the volunteer screening process required of all 4-H volunteers.