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    MSU Extension works to increase farmers’ success while protecting the environment, ensuring food safety, reaching new markets and advancing agriculture through applied research. Agriculture is now one of the fastest growing sectors of the Michigan economy.

  • Meeting 4 - Grains for Brewing & Distilling Virtual Happy Hour

    This week’s session focused on grain quality evaluation! It can be a "dry" topic (pun intended), but we had a lively chat with Aaron MacLeod of the Center for Craft Food & Beverage at Hartwick College; Dr. Nicole Shriner, who heads the Fermented Beverage Technology program and analysis lab at MSU; and Christian Kapp, who leads the MSU Quality Lab at the Upper Peninsula Research & Extension Center (UPREC). Check out the recording of our meeting to find out why quality assurance and quality control are so critical from farm to glass!

  • Meeting 3 - Grains for Brewing & Distilling Virtual Happy Hour

    This week’s session was all about the key qualities that maltsters consider when making that important decision after harvest -- is this grain malting grade? Hosted by Ryan Hamilton, we heard from Christian Kapp of the Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center in Chatham, MI and Rebecca Jennings, Vice President of Quality at Origin Malt in Marysville, OH. The decision to accept or reject a load of grain for malting is a matter of critical importance no matter the size of the malthouse or the size of the farm.

  • Conversations in the Community with Morgan Doherty

    Published on April 7, 2021

    We speak with Morgan Doherty of Tender Heart Gardens and Capital United Land Trust in Lansing.

  • Dry Bean & Sugar Beet Virtual Field Day - Kurt Steinke on dry beans

    Published on August 19, 2020

    Kurt Steinke and graduate student Christian Terwilliger look at six different nutrients, and how they are affecting dry bean production in the second year of a long term study.

  • Field Crops Webinar - Corn Production - Joe Lauer

    Published on February 15, 2021

    In the first session on Feb. 15, Joe Lauer, corn agronomy specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will focus on “Corn Yield Drivers and Profit Robbers in the Northern U.S. Corn Belt.” Profitable corn production is extremely important to Midwest U.S. agriculture. Farmers today face fluctuating prices and rising production costs. They must be well informed about new technologies to maximize yield and profitability.

  • Industrial Hemp Production 101: Hemp: Varieties, production, strategies and growing requirements

    Published on October 16, 2019

    This webinar will cover the various forms of hemp in production, indoor vs. field production strategies, propagation, media and soils, and environmental and day length requirements, including growth stages for indoor production.

  • "Women in Agriculture: Taking a Seat at the Table with Confidence" Online Forum

    Published on May 8, 2021

    Today marks the end of Women's History Month, and this year the Farm Business Management team at MSU Extension, in partnership with GreenStone Farm Credit Services, are offering this virtual panel discussion to reflect on women’s contributions and roles in agriculture today and into the future.

  • Seed Starting with Rebecca Krans

    Published on February 16, 2021

    Our first episode of Cabin Fever Conversations for 2021 featured MSU Extension's Rebecca Krans teaching us about seed starting.

  • Industrial Hemp Production 101: Insect and Mite pests of industrial hemp

    Published on October 16, 2019

    This webinar will discuss the major insect and mite pests of hemp including chewers, suckers, and borers. The webinar will address the plant protection strategies than can be implemented to manage insect and mite pests of industrial hemp.

  • Dry Bean & Sugar Beet Virtual Field Day - Karen Cichy

    Published on August 19, 2020

    Karen Cichy talks about improving the consumer quality of dry beans in Michigan.

  • Postemergence Weed Control

    Published on May 13, 2021

    The MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast on May 13, 2021, focuses on postemergence weed control, presented by Erin Burns, MSU weed science specialist.

  • Pricing Corn, Soybeans and Wheat

    Published on July 29, 2021

    The MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast on July 29, 2021, focuses on pricing corn, soybeans and wheat, presented by Matt Gammans, MSU assistant professor.

  • Winter Barley Varieties - Calypso & Puffin

    Ryan Hamilton from Michigan State University visits two winter barley variety trial sites in lower Michigan in 2020. He shares information on two varieties, Calypso and Puffin, and how they perform in Michigan.

  • Dry Bean & Sugar Beet Virtual Field Day - Scott Bales

    Published on August 19, 2020

    Scott Bales discusses dry bean profitability and sustainability in Michigan in 2020.

  • Meeting 6 - Grains for Brewing & Distilling Virtual Happy Hour

    This week’s session was held on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. EST. Ryan Hamilton hosted our meeting focused on alternative uses for locally grown barley.

  • Rhizoctonia Management in Sugarbeets

    Published on May 6, 2021

    The MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast weekly discussion for May 6, 2021, focuses on managing Rhizoctonia in sugarbeets, presented by Daniel Bublitz, MSU sugarbeet specialist.

  • Field Crops Webinar - Wheat Production - Dennis Pennington

    Published on March 1, 2021

    In this third session on March 1, 2021, MSU Extension wheat specialist Dennis Pennington focuses on "Improving Wheat Production Income." Even though commodity prices have rebounded recently, it is still important to understand your production cost and make management decisions accordingly. Higher prices should not be used as justification to increase input costs. This should be a time where costs are held so that improvement to cash flow can be made and short-term debt can be reduced. Each input should be evaluated from an economic potential, not just as yield potential.

  • Tar Spot and White Mold Management Options

    Published on July 22, 2021

    The MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast on July 22, 2021, focuses on tar spot and white mold management options, presented by Martin Chilvers, MSU field crops pathologist.

  • Soybean Virtual Field Day - Christy Sprague

    Published on August 26, 2020

    Christy Sprague, a professor in PSM and MSU Extension weed specialist, and Justine Fisher, a graduate student: Herbicide-resistant horseweed (marestail) continues to be a major issue for Michigan soybean farmers. Learn about the latest research on integrated strategies to manage horseweed with cover crops, soybean row widths and herbicides.

  • 2020 Field Day - Welcome and Event Introduction

    Published on June 15, 2020

    Michigan Wheat Program chairman Dave Milligan welcomes producers to the first-ever all "Virtual" Field Day, featuring a half-dozen online research reports by MSU wheat researchers. Also welcome from Michigan State University by Dr. Jim Kells, professor of Plant, Soil & Microbial Sciences and Project GREEEN coordinator. Brought to you by the 2020 Summer Field Day.