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  • East Michigan fruit update – June 19, 2018

    Published on June 19, 2018
    Primary apple scab season comes to an end with weekend rains. Strawberry harvest continues for most growers, but some farms have struggled to maintain berry quality.

  • West central Michigan small fruit update – June 26, 2018

    Published on June 26, 2018
    Summer insect and disease management in blueberries and other small fruit is fast approaching. Cane collapse and fruit rots in blueberries and the beginning of the spotted wing Drosophila (SWD) flies arrival should be the main focus of growers’ IPM program

  • East Michigan fruit update – Sept. 19, 2018

    Published on September 19, 2018
    Brown marmorated stink bug trap catches have taken a sharp rise at some east Michigan farms. Apple and fall red raspberry harvest are in full swing.

  • East Michigan fruit update – June 26, 2018

    Published on June 26, 2018
    First catch of apple maggot and spotted wing Drosophila has occurred. Sweet cherry, summer red raspberry and saskatoon harvest is underway.