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  • Improving tree fruit nutrient, pesticide application processes

    Researchers at Clarksville Research Center are conducting a multi-state, multi-disciplinary study to develop a new way of getting foliar inputs into apples and cherries.

  • Taking steps to improve vegetable production

    Ron Goldy, MSU Extension educator, conducts vegetable research at MSU AgBioResearch's SWMREC to understand more about pathogens and help Michigan agriculture producers be more competitive in the market.

  • Curbing Michigan Potato Diseases

    Researchers at Montcalm Research Center are studying seed-borne, foliar and storage diseases that attack Michigan potatoes.

  • Kurt Steinke

    Kurt Steinke researches soil fertility and nutrient management strategies for crops like sugar beets. He discusses the unique partnership between Michigan State University and the Michigan Sugar Company, along with his efforts to solve issues facing sugar beet growers.

  • Building an integrated food system for the U.P.

    Researchers and educators at the Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center focus on three areas of agriculture research: integrating crop and livestock systems, improving soil health and fertility, and building region-specific food systems.

  • Advancing biomass collection processes

    Researchers from the W.K. Kellogg Experimental Forest have paired up with the U.S. Forest Service to improve national biomass equations used to manage forest ecosystems and health.

  • Forestry Course Teaches Sustainable Management

    MSU students learn how to manage and harvest northern hardwood forests as part of a capstone course taught at Fred Russ Forest.

  • Exotic pest trapping

    Researchers at the W. K. Kellogg Experimental Forest are studying potentially harmful insects that may colonize pine tree, shedding light on the types of insect communities associated with pines, spruce and hardwood trees.

  • Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center: An overview

    Located in Benton Harbor, Mich., the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center is a very diverse agricultural region in Michigan where fruit and vegetable breeding and variety evaluations are just part of the work done at the 350-acre site.

  • Joe Cramer

    Joe Cramer, director of the Michigan Dry Bean Commission, says the Saginaw Valley Research and Extension Center offers practical solutions for farmers.

  • Lake City Research Center: An Overview

    The Lake City Research Center includes 810 acres of managed land and 180 beef cows in a geographic area suitable for forage-based livestock and potato production.

  • Growing compact sour cherries for high-density systems

    In an effort to increase production in trees in years four and five, Michigan State University AgBioResearch horticulturist Ron Perry is growing new smaller varieties and harvesting them with a blueberry harvester.

  • Mapping forest structure

    Researchers at Fred Russ Forest are using a tree mapping system to map the locations of trees, measure size and record data in the field computer.

  • Long-term Management of Hardwood trees

    Michigan State University researchers from Fred Russ Forest and the MSU forestry department is running several long-term studies to investigate silvicultural practices that result in the regeneration of the Oak species.

  • Exploring the Future of Cattle Grazing

    AgBioResearch scientists at Lake City Research Center are focusing on the future of beef cattle and natural resource utilization.

  • Developing new Tart Cherry varieties

    Researchers are developing new varieties of tart cherries that will increase profitability in tart cherry production and ensure the environmental stewardship of the lakeshore land. One such variety is the "Balaton."

  • Exploring hybrid-plant energy sources

    Michigan State University researchers are evaluating hybrid poplar trees as a potential woody fuel source for use in short-rotation energy plantations. The poplars can be burned for energy or converted into ethanol.

  • Long-Term Ecological Research: An overview

    Researchers at W.K. Kellogg Biological Station are using the Long-Term Ecological Research program to understand the ecology of Midwest cropping systems and agricultural landscapes.

  • New staff breathes life into U.P. Incubator Farm

    Three new MSU staff members and one intern rejuvenate the North Farm at the Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center in Chatham, MI. Their goal is to develop an incubator farm at the site to improve agricultural knowledge throughout the region.

  • Michigan beans: Contending with White Mold

    The Montcalm Research Center is a large research nursery. Researchers perform variety testing on large seeded beans, looking for performance and adaptation. They also study disease resistance, one such disease being white mold.