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Tool for pricing silage, earlage or snaplage from immature corn


September 27, 2019 - Author: Daniel Buskirk, Kevin Gould, Jonathan LaPorte, Monica Jean and Roy Black,

Depending upon the degree of immaturity, harvesting corn as silage, earlage, or snaplage may result in greater crop revenue than harvesting as high-moisture or dry-shelled corn. This spreadsheet may be used to calculate a maximum bid price for these feedstuffs from the livestock producer’s perspective. Corn silage is valued based on estimated corn grain and forage portions of the silage. Earlage and snaplage are valued relative to the energy value in corn grain. The maximum bid price may be a starting point for corn owners and livestock producers to enter negotiations on valuing corn yet standing in the field. Also see the accompanying fact sheet Guidelines for pricing silage, earlage, or snaplage from immature corn.


Tags: agriculture, beef, delayed planting, delayed planting tools, msu extension, resilient business decision tools

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