MSF 4-H & Youth Virtual Showcase: Youth Beef Cattle - Dept. 4


July 22, 2021

Classes in this department will be evaluated based on videos AND pictures. Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds be continuous in nature with no narrative. The exhibitors should utilize the camera person as the judge, moving the animal away and around the camera person as they would in a show ring. The video should include all angles of the animal in order for a judge to make an evaluation. Exhibitor should be in the video at all times. Show clothes typical for industry is recommended. One photo of exhibitor and project is required. Additional photos recommended include: a front view, back view, profile A and profile B. More information on how to take a good photo and video can be found at the MSU Extension Virtual Learning showcase and auction website. All videos must be uploaded to Youtube and link entered into the system. Youtube channel should be set to unlisted.


*** Please check and follow General Agriculture & Livestock Rules ***

  1. An animal is eligible to enter and compete at the Michigan State Fair LLC in only one breed Classification regardless if the animal is registered in more than one breed association or registry.
  2. Each Youth Exhibitor is limited to four (4) head per breed one (1) per class in the Youth Show. Youth Show is open to Michigan youth.
  3. In addition, all other breeds are welcome to participate in the All Other Registered Breeds (AOR) division. For heifers and bulls that have a registration certificate but do not satisfy the criteria listed below, those cattle will show in the AOR division. Shorthorn Plus, Sim Solution and Main Tainer animals show in AOR division.
  4. The name listed on the entry form as exhibitor must also be listed on the animal’s registration certificate as “owner”.
  5. Ownership Deadlines for breeding classes: Beef cattle exhibitor entries must be transferred in National Association by the exhibitor by August 1 of current year. A picture of the registration certificate (with transfer if necessary) must accompany the entry.
  6. For breeding classes only, all junior exhibitor owned cattle must be registered solely in the name of the youth exhibitor.
  7. Grooming Regulations: Use of false tail heads or adding of hair or hemp is prohibited. No coloring agents may be used anyplace on the animal. This includes colored show foams (black, red, etc.). Use of powders is prohibited. No forced administration or pumping of fluids to create gut fill will be allowed.

Youth Beef Showmanship

RULES: There will be three age divisions for Beef Showmanship: 8 – 11, 12 – 15, and 16 – 19 (Age as of January 1, of the current year).

  1. Exhibitors who own and show an animal in a youth class are eligible for the showmanship class using one of their own animals. The animal used by an exhibitor must be one used in a regular class.
  2. A video of up to 90 seconds should be submitted. The video should contain the usual moves of a showmanship class. Moving the animal around the ring, presenting for the judge to handle, rear view and side view.

Youth Market Classes:

  1. Market classes for each livestock species have been added to youth divisions; however, no auction will take place.
  2. See guidelines for videos/pictures in first paragraph above.


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