"How to influence zoning decisions" speaker notes


June 21, 2016 - Author: Kurt Schindler

"Influencing Zoning Decisions" is an Extension program targeted toward two potential audiences:  
     1. A County with county-level zoning that wishes to include local governments in their zoning deliberations.  (For example some county zoning  requires notices for special use permits, amendments, and appeals to be sent to the respective municipality and nearby municipalities as well as affected public utilities.  Also, comments received from these parties are given "extra deference" at the public hearing.)  
     2. Neighborhood organizations, lake associations, activist groups that wish to be more effective in influencing local zoning decisions, regardless if at a township, village, city, or county level.  
      The program is to help people make comments at zoning hearings that are on point and actually address the issues that the local officials have to consider.


Tags: community, planning

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