Michigan Onion Industry Research Priorities

Contact Information:
Michigan Onion Committee
John Bakker, Executive Director
12800 Escanaba Drive, Suite A
Dewitt, Mich. 48820

Updated December 2020

Weed control

  1. Improved crop safety of post-emergence herbicides.
  2. Improved weed control with pre-emergence herbicides.
  3. Improved control of yellow nutsedge, marsh yellowcress and pepper weeds through chemical and/or cultural methods.
  4. Two emerging weeds which need analyzed to determine the impact on onion crops are white campion and purple amaranth.

Disease control:

  1. Improved understanding of Stemphyllium leaf blight to facilitate targeted application of effective fungicides when conditions favor this disease.
  2. Improved understanding and control of bacterial bulb rots.
  3. Development of disease forecasting models for onion.

Insect control:

  1. Improved control of onion thrips, pesticide resistance strategies for thrips and onion maggot, improved IPM strategies.