Michigan Farm Bureau

Michigan Farm Bureau Research Priorities

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Michigan Farm Bureau

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  • Additional research and development for value-added opportunities.
  • Research and other investments to assist the agriculture industry in adapting to climate variability.
  • Additional research on dissolved phosphorus.
  • The development of new chemical and biological controls for disease detection, control and eradication.
  • Enhance the use of natural plant pest predator species or bio-controls after thoroughly reviewing the potential consequences to the environment.
  • Research into areas of dry bean disease control and pest prevention.
  • Research on hemp processing and production techniques.
  • Research on the use of 100 percent biomass fuels for some vehicles, as well as blending biomass fuels with petroleum-based fuels.
  • The development of new tree fruit varieties for growing and marketing that are specifically geared for growers in the Midwest.
  • Continued research to determine the impacts of Spotted Wing Drosophila.
  • Address viable control methods for, but not limited to, Phytophthora capsici, downy mildew, overall spruce decline and Armillaria root fungus.
  • Address replant issues in the asparagus industry.
  • Find practical, effective methods to control or reduce the infection of varroa mites, tracheal mites, small hive beetles in honeybees and colony collapse disorder.
  • Communication and cooperation amongst beekeepers, farmers and commercial pesticide applicators to reduce the loss of honeybees in Michigan from pesticides.

Updated February 2021