For more than 20 years, Project GREEEN has been addressing plant agriculture issues in Michigan through innovative research and outreach.

RFPs and Forms Annual Report

$2.5 billion

estimated economic impact of Project GREEEN in its first 20 years


return for every $1 invested in Project GREEEN research and outreach


average number of jobs supported each year by Project GREEEN


Project GREEEN produces industry-driven research and outreach that works to enhance plant agriculture through:

  • Developing research and educational programs in response to industry needs.
  • Ensuring and improving food safety.
  • Protecting and preserving the quality of the environment.


Project GREEEN, Michigan’s plant agriculture initiative housed at Michigan State University, is a cooperative effort by plant-based commodity groups and businesses in cooperation with Michigan State University AgBioResearch, Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to advance Michigan’s economy through plant-based agriculture.



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