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2020 Video Tips Series

Video 1: Assessing Frost Damage in Soybeans

Video 2: How to Submit Wheat Samples to MSU Plant & Pest Diagnostics  

Video 3: Wheat: Can Variety Selection Based on Plant Architecture Improve Yields? 

Video 4: Wheat: Conventional Drill vs. Precision Planting. What Do We Know So Far?  

Video 5:  First True Armyworm Outbreak in Wheat Since 2010

Video 6:  Tri-State Precision Ag Webinar



2019 Video Series

2019 Video Series Episode 9: Using a Handheld Crop Sensor Called Greenseeker to Help Predict Corn Nitrogen Rates

2019 Video Series Episode 8: Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test

2019 Video Series Episode 7: Using a spadmeter to make N recommendations

2019 Video Series Episode 6: Soybean Aphids

2019 Video Series Episode 5: Asiatic Garden Beetle and Weeds

2019 Video Series Episode 4: Michigan State University Irrigation Scheduling Program

2019 Videos Series Episode 3: Asiatic Garden Beetle Damage in Cabbage

2019 Video Series Episode 2: Black Cutworm Monitoring Program

2019 Video Series Episode 1: Delayed Corn Planting


2018 Video Series

Video 11: Sudden Death Syndrome SDS

Video 10: Estimating corn yields by the kernel count method

Video 9: Drought

Video 8: Saturated buffer

Video 7: Damage caused by Asiatic Garden Beetle

Video 6: Asiatic Garden Beetles

Video 5: Soybean planting

Video 4: Corn planting dates

Video 3: DriftWatch

Video 2: Trapping for black cutworm

Video 1: Corn planting season