Policy Influence

PRCI’s focus on policy influence starts with the competitive process for selecting Centers for Policy Leadership.  In their application, these centers will conduct a self-assessment of their position within their local and regional policy system and outline what capacities they need to operate more effectively in it, bringing their research to bear on policy decision-making.  This focus will continue in the local stakeholder consultations that each selected center will do, when they elicit views of a wide range of stakeholders on local policy priorities, and research that needs to be done to inform them.  The focus on policy influence will then be deepened as PRCI leadership works with these centers to develop concrete capacity strengthening plans for improving their research capacity for policy influence, at which point they will receive grants to implement these plans.  By participating in the annual research conferences of ReNAPRI, centers will be able to share their experience and gather broader input.  Through quarterly check-ins with PRCI- and ReNAPRI leadership, the centers will regularly assess their progress including their impact on local policy processes and decision-making.

PRCI’s Research-to-Policy (R2P) Program

PRCI has designed its R2P program to ensure that strategies for policy influence, based on rigorous thinking about the local policy environment and avenues for impact, are included at the design phase of all its policy research.  The program features extensive interaction with each research team from PRCI partner centers in Africa (and eventually Asia) around (a) interactive policy landscape mapping specific to the research topic they are pursuing, and (b) development of a policy outreach strategy based on this mapping, specifying the target audience(s), the events that will be held with each audience and their timing, and how the issue will be framed with each audience. 

To learn more about the best practices for designing research projects intended to influence policy, watch the video presentation below from PRCI's Research-to-Policy Lead Danielle Resnick

The presentation is available in English and French.

R2P will be hosting several upcoming workshops on how to design research projects for policy influence.  To learn more about what these workshops will cover view the presentation below.

 Disponible en français