3. PRCI Global Lab Launch Webinar [6/23/20]

The Food Security Policy Research, Capacity, and Influence (PRCI) project is a five-year USAID initiative led by Michigan State University in partnership with IFPRI, Cornell University, and the Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ReNAPRI). A major objective of PRCI is to build the technical training of researchers in select institutes within Africa and Asia, as well as strengthen the institutions within which they work. The Global Lab Launch webinar introduced the research agendas of those in selected African institutes in Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda, and discussed how their work aligns with the three global research topics pursued by PRCI: inclusive agricultural and rural transformation, healthy food systems, and resilience to withstand economic and environmental shocks. The webinar offered the chance for exchange between the selected institutes, the PRCI team, and USAID colleagues to ensure their research agendas are empirically rigorous and policy relevant.



  • Amy Faye, ISRA-BAME
  • Swaibu Mbowa, EPRC
  • Venance Mpunde, SUA
  • Olufunke Alaba, CPEEL

Presentation slides for the webinar are available at this link