Module 1: Trade Flow Analysis Part I


Trade flow among the countries determines the economic benefits countries gain from trade. For many Asian developing countries, agricultural and food trade is an important engine for agricultural growth. The ability to use trade flow data for analyses is important for decision making related to trade policies. The training is going to be organized through a set of virtual workshop sessions. In order to prepare for the training and maximize the benefits from the online training workshop, participants are expected to read the workshop materials and get familiar with the trade datasets shared in advance.


The general objective of this training module is to provide a basic knowledge of trade flow analysis and the ability to use trade flow data for trade flow analysis. Two-hour virtual workshop sessions consist of short lectures followed by exercise. Training materials will be posted on through a dropbox or google drive to share with all participants before the workshop starts.

The more specific objectives include:

  • To review a basic trade flow analysis
  • To introduce trade flow data prepared from Comtrade-BACI datasets for individual countries
  • To analyze trade flow using BACI dataset.


Pasakorn Thammachote (KU), Suresh Babu (IFPRI), Diao, Xinshen (IFPRI), Witada Anukoonwatanaka (UNESCAP)

To access the training materials click on the "Begin Module" link below, you will then be asked to complete a short (one-minute) survey before the materials can be downloaded. The purpose of this survey is to allow PRCI to know the numbers and types of people using the materials.  No private information of any kind will be shared outside of PRCI leadership