Timothy Miles, Ph.D

Timothy Miles


Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

Assistant Professor - Extension Specialist for diseases of blueberries, grapes, hops and other berry crops.

Telephone: 517-355-3964

Center for Integrated Plant Systems Building
578 Wilson Road, Room 105
East Lansing, MI 48824


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B.S., Western Michigan University, Biology
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Plant Pathology,


General areas of Expertise:

Mycology, genomics, population genetics, pathogen detection, molecular diagnostics and host resistance.

Recent publications:

Belise, R. J., McKee, B, Hao, W., Miles, T.D., Adaskaveg, J., Manosalva, P. 2018. Phenotypic characterization of genetically distinct Phytophthora cinnamomi isolates from avocado. Phytopathology (in First look)

Crandall, S.G., Rahman, A., Quesada-Ocampo, L., Martin, F. Miles, T.D. 2018. Advances in diagnostics of downy mildews: lessons learned from other oomycetes and future challenges. Plant Dis. Feature Article 102:265-275.

Hao, W., Miles, T.,D. Martin, F.N., Browne, G.T., Forster, H., Adaskaveg, J. 2018. Temporal occurrence and niche preferences of Phytophthora species causing brown rot of citrus in the Central Valley of California. Phytopathology 108:384-391.

Miles, T.D., Glass, B.W., Sysak, R.W., Schilder, A.M.C. 2018. Post-plant strategies for management of black root rot-related decline of perennial strawberry fields. Crop Protection 104:78-85.

Rahman, A., Miles, T.D., Martin F.N., Quesada-Ocampo, L. 2017. Novel approaches for development of biosurvellance tools for the cucurbit downy mildew pathogen Pseudoperonospora cubensis. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology. 3: 282-296

Rojas, A., Miles, T.D., Coffey, M., Martin, F., Chilvers, M. 2017. Development and application of qPCR and RPA genus and species-specific detection of Phytophthora sojae and Phytophthora sansomeana root rot pathogens of soybean. Plant Disease 101:1171-1181.

Miles, T., Robideau, G., Martin, F., Bilodeau, G. and Coffey, M. 2017. Systematic development of Phytophthora species-specific mitochondrial diagnostic markers for economically important members of the genus. Plant Disease 101:1162-1170.

McArt S., Miles T., Rodriguez-Saona, C., Schilder, A., Adler, L., Grieshop, M. 2016. Floral scent mimicry and the transmission of a pollinator-vectored plant pathogen. PLOS One DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0165761.

Miles, T. Martin, F. and Coffey, M. 2015. Development of rapid isothermal amplification assays for detection of Phytophthora species in plant tissue. Phytopathology 105:265-278.

Miles, T., Miles, L., Fairchild, K., and Wharton, P.S. 2014. Screening and characterization of the resistance to succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors in Alternaria solani. Plant Pathology 63: 155-164.

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Miles, T., Nair, M., Vandervoort, C., and Schilder, A.M.C. 2013. Characterization and biological activity of flavonoids from ripe fruit of an anthracnose resistant blueberry cultivar. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 83:8-16.

Fairchild, K., Miles, T., and Wharton, P.S. 2013. Assessing fungicide resistance in populations of Alternaria solani in Idaho potato fields. Crop Protection. 49:31-9

Wood, E., Miles, T., and Wharton, P.S. 2013. The use of natural plant volatile compounds for the control of potato postharvest diseases, black dot, silver scurf, and soft rot. Biological Control. 64:152-159.

Miles, L., Miles, T., Kirk, W., and Schilder, A.M.C. 2012. Strobilurin (QoI) resistance in populations of Erysiphe necator on grapes in Michigan. Plant Disease 96:1621-1628

Miles, T., Hancock, J., Callow, P., and Schilder, A.M.C. 2012. Evaluation of screening methods and fruit composition in relation to anthracnose fruit rot resistance in blueberries. Plant Pathology 61:555-566

Miles, T., Day, B. and Schilder, A.M.C. 2011. Identification of differentially expressed genes in a resistant versus a susceptible blueberry cultivar after infection by Colletotrichum acutatum. Molecular Plant Pathology 12:463-477

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