Ellen Koehler

Ellen Koehler

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Education Coordinator
Tollgate Farm and Education Center

248-347-0269 ext 227



Program Instructor and Education Coordinator at MSU Tollgate Farm and Education Center, Ellen plans, organizes, and carries out programs that focus on nature-based, farm-based environmental education. Ellen collaborates with community partners, schools, and appropriate MSU Extension Institute members to provide expertise and information to clientele in relevant programming in areas of agriculture and natural resource education to meet the needs of local youth and adults. She provides information and opportunities for learning through the use of technology and mass media as well as inquiry-based, experiential camps, programs, school field trips, and traveling programs. Areas of responsibility include developing, coordinating, and teaching educational programs for schools and community field trips, school year and summer camps, and community events. Ellen's background includes coordination of educational networks and collaboratives. With degrees in horticulture and design, areas of experience in instruction include botany, ecology, nature study, and wilderness skills. Ellen's experience in 4-H leadership includes project areas of science, geography, drama, and community service. Trained as a 4-H Outdoor Adventure Challenge leader, Ellen leads youth on backcountry wilderness adventures.