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Assistant Professor, Urban Forestry
Department of Forestry



Asia Dowtin's research uses in situ sampling and laboratory-based techniques to quantify hydrologic and nutrient cycling in the urban forest. Her work explores the relationships that exist between urban canopy structure, spatial context, and plant-water interactions to broaden our understanding of the influence of species composition and surrounding land use on urban forest function.

A major goal of Dowtin's work is to utilize this knowledge to inform the development of urban forest management plans, specifically those intended to optimize yield of select regulating and supporting ecosystem services by municipal trees. Her broader research interests include regional water resource management and hazard mitigation.


  • PhD in Geography, University of Delaware, 2018
  • MS in Geography (Climatology), University of Delaware, 2012
  • BS in Meteorology (minor in Mathematics), State University of New York College at Oneonta, 2009

Current Projects

The Urban Forestry Stakeholder Survey is part of a current research project designed to investigate how urban forestry practitioners perceive their access to urban forestry research and related information.

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Current Assignment

20% Teaching | 30% Extension | 50% Research

Research Interests

  • Hydrologic and nutrient cycling in urban forests
  • Ecosystem services of the urban forest
  • Urban forest planning and management


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Siegert, C.M., Levia, D.F., Hudson, S.A., Dowtin, A.L., Zhang, F. and Mitchell, M.J. 2016. Small-scale topographic variability influences tree species distribution and canopy throughfall partitioning in a temperate deciduous forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 359: 109-117. [DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco. 2015.09.028]