Rootstocks for Tart Cherries

Project goal:  Evaluate performance of Montmorency tart cherries grown on dwarfing rootstocks developed in the MSU tart cherry breeding program.

Project description:  The latest evolution of tart cherry rootstock trials was planted in 2011, and this planting has been evaluating tart cherries grown on rootstocks developed in the MSU Tart Cherry Breeding program. These rootstocks have looked promising for producing tart cherries on dwarfing rootstocks to be used for modern high-density systems, and most recently, these rootstocks have been planted at two grower sites in NW Michigan in spring 2017.  These trees were evaluated yearly for canopy size, trunk circumference, and yield per tree.

Results: 2017 MSU Cherry Rootstock Michigan Report

Project lead/collaborators: Nikki Rothwell, Amy Iezzoni, and Todd Einhorn

Funding sources: NWMHR Foundation funds

Start year: 2011

End year: 2019