Rootstocks and Training Systems for Sweet Cherries

Project goal: To study the influence of rootstock on scion vigor and productivity.

Project description:  This NC-140 sweet cherry rootstock trial was established in 2017 at six replicated sites across the U.S.  At NWMHRC, we have the sweet cherry var. Benton planted on eight rootstock genotypes: MSU rootstock – Cass, Clare, Clinton, and Lake, and Gisela 3, 5, and 12, and MxM14.  There are three canopy architectures: Tall Spindle Axe (TSA) and Kym Green Bush (KGB), both of which are free standing, and Bi-Cordon Upright Fruiting Offshoot (Bi-UFO), which is trellised.  The treatments are replicated four times, and the tree spacing is 2.0m x 4.0m.  Data collection includes the following: trunk cross sectional area, canopy size, tree mortality/canker, yield per tree, and fruit quality.

Project lead/collaborators: Nikki Rothwell and Greg Lang

Funding sources:  Michigan Tree Fruit Commission’s new planting funds

Start year: 2017

End year: 2027