NC-140 Tart Cherry Rootstock Trial

Project goal: To study the influence of rootstock on scion vigor and productivity.

Project description:  This trial is replicated six times in different tart cherry growing regions of the United States: Michigan, New York, Utah, and Wisconsin.  Each plot contains Montmorency tart cherry grown on nine rootstocks: Cass, Clare, Clinton, Crawford, Lake, MxM14, Gi 3, Gi5, Gi12 and all trees trained into a bush.  Trees were planted at 5’ x 11.5’ in a randomized complete block design.  During the tree establishment phase data was collected on trunk circumference, canopy size, and tree mortality.  During the mature/production years additional data will be collected on yield per block mechanically harvested, and fruit quality (size, weight, brix).

Project lead/collaborators: Nikki Rothwell and Greg Lang

Funding sources: NC-140 funds

Start year: 2017

End year: 2024