High Density Sweet Cherry Processing Block

Project goal: To determine if over-the-row harvesting can be done efficiently in high density sweet cherries producing quality fruit for the processing market.

Project description:  In 2018, a high-density sweet cherry block was established at the NWMHRC.  This block includes four processing sweet cherry varieties: BlackGold, Emperor Francis, Ulster, and BlackYork and each on two dwarfing rootstocks: Gisela 5 and Gisela 12.  The block is planted at 6’ between trees and 14’ rows.  Currently, we are training these trees to a tall spindle axe, a system with-out trellising.  Data has been collected on trunk cross sectional area and tree canopy and in the future we will harvest this block with an over-the-row harvester and evaluate yield and fruit quality.

Project lead/collaborators: Nikki Rothwell

Funding sources:  Michigan Cherry Committee

Start year: 2018

End year: 2028