Cherry Pathology Studies

Project goal: Develop data-based fungicide recommendations based on yearly efficacy trials conducted in tart and sweet cherries.

Project description:  Controls for such diseases as bacterial canker, cherry leaf spot, brown rot, and powdery mildew are under investigation. During the past thirty seasons, efficacy trials on both tart and sweet cherry diseases have been conducted at the NWMHRC. This season, we have 17 treatments in the cherry leaf spot efficacy trial; this trial requires weekly applications of fungicides from ~1 May through ~mid-July. We test both commercially available and experimental fungicides annually.  Fungicide resistance continues to be a concern for cherry growers, and we have documented loss of sensitivity in the American brown rot pathogen.  Dr. Sundin currently has a graduate student that collects isolates for both brown rot and leaf spot to measure resistance development to the limited numbers of fungicide control options; this student works closely with NWMHRC staff to identify and locate orchards in the region for isolation collection. We also present efficacy results and develop annual recommendations at Extension meetings across the state.

Results: 2020 Northwest Michigan CLS-PM Trial

Project lead/collaborators: George Sundin and Nikki Rothwell

Funding sources: Michigan Cherry Committee

Start year: Yearly efficacy trials

End year: on-going