Armillaria Resistant Rootstock Trials

Project goal: Evaluate the tree performance and yield of Montmorency tart cherry grown on Armillaria resistant rootstocks.

Project description:  Armillaria Root Rot is a serious disease of stone fruits. There is no currently known prevention or cure for this disease. Newer Russian and plum rootstocks were planted in 2011 to investigate their potential to tolerate Armillaria.  This project is located on grower sites with a companion planting located on the NWMRHC to evaluate horticultural characteristics of these rootstocks. Drs. Amy Iezzoni and Hammerschmidt have also identified Prunus mackii to be partially resistant to Armillaria in the laboratory, and test plots have been established at grower sites with known Armillaria presence in NW MI. We also planted a plot of Montmorency grafted onto P. mackii at the NWMHRC without Armillaria to evaluate the horticultural attributes of the rootstock without disease pressure. The NWMHRC collects data on trees at grower cooperator sites annually.

Project lead/collaborators:  Amy Iezzoni, Nikki Rothwell, and Ray Hammerschmidt

Funding sources: Project GREEEN and Michigan Cherry Committee

Start year: 2011

End year: on-going