Weed control in Christmas tree bulletin now available

A new guide is available to assist Christmas tree growers in selecting weed control management options and tools.

Weeds can compete for water and nutrients and may affect tree growth throughout the Christmas tree rotation. A successful program may include mowing and hand-weeding along with applying residual pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides. When choosing herbicides, the tree species, age, growth stage, size, time of year and soil type should be considered. 

A new publication, “Weed Control in Christmas Trees,” from Michigan State University Extension is available to help you develop a weed management plan for your farm. The bulletin lists available herbicides and provides easy to read tables to help choose the best products to address weed issues in your fields.

To order a copy of “Weed Control in Christmas Trees,” visit the MSU Extension Bookstore website and search for E3237.

For weed identification, see “An IPM Pocket Guide for Weed Identification in Christmas Trees.”

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