Statewide collaboration in tourism brings advocacy toolkit for Michigan

Advocacy toolkit is available to everyone for free via the collaboration between the three partners.

Pure Michigan, Michigan Travel Commission and the Travel Industry Coalition of Michigan (TICOM) team up to develop the Michigan Tourism Advocacy Toolkit. The collaboration has made this toolkit is available to everyone for free.

Michigan Tourism Advocacy Toolkit provides resources to the public for a particular cause or policy. The website is broken down into advocacy materials, resources, industry facts and news.

The Advocacy toolkit provides resources to non-profit organizations to become more effective advocates and provide regulations for public policy involvement. Additional educational materials include “How a Bill Becomes a Law in Michigan”, a Legislative Briefing Book, Tips for Meeting with Elected Officials, and Ten Rules of Engagement are available. Michigan State University Extension has additional resources and educational programs to advance citizens’ knowledge in these areas as well, including information specific to public policy.

The Resources toolkit provides a number of publications outlining members of the State Legislature in the House of Representatives and Senate, 2015 Senate Committee Chairs, and session schedules for both chambers. Other publications consist of the “Economic Benefit of Michigan’s Non-profit Sector” and “History, Arts, and Cultural Travel Industry in Michigan, 2013”.

The Industry Facts toolkit addresses both Recreational Opportunities in one comprehensive PDF, and an additional document outlining Agriculture, Food & Beverage.

Additionally, the Michigan Tourism Advocacy Toolkit provides News and Contact information for TICOM, Travel Michigan and Michigan Travel Commission.

Michigan State University Extension has a number of professionals working in areas of Civic Engagement, Public Policy, Government and Tourism around Michigan who can answer any additional questions you may have.

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