ReTain use on apples in stress years

Editor’s note: This article is from the archives of the MSU Crop Advisory Team Alerts. Check the label of any pesticide referenced to ensure your use is included.

ReTain is a very useful growth regulator on apples that has the following benefits. It will:

  1. Delay fruit maturity of any variety.
  2. Decrease fruit drop.
  3. Improve the condition of treated fruit in storage.
  4. Improve fruit quality and size.

ReTain needs to be applied 30 days before anticipated harvest to achieve the best results and highest effectiveness of the material. Full rate ReTain will delay maturity of most varieties seven to ten days and some very sensitive varieties up to 21 days. Gala and Jonagold are very sensitive to ReTain. Honeycrisp appears to be moderately sensitive and other varieties are less sensitive, but still respond to the ReTain treatment. Some growers will use half rate on Gala, Jonagold and Honeycrisp because of the sensitivity, but realize that this also will reduce the response.

ReTain will delay harvest, reduce fruit drop, improve storage condition life, reduce shoulder cracking in some years and sometimes increase fruit size if the fruit hang long enough. The delayed maturity is very useful to pick-your-own operations. The delayed maturity extends when varieties are available for U-pick customers to pick in excellent condition.
Growers with large acreage can use ReTain to help program harvest. For example, if a grower has large acreages of one variety like Red Delicious, then a portion of the Reds can be treated with full rate Retain to reduce drop and delay maturity. Another portion of the Reds could be treated with half rate to only slightly delay maturity. This will allow the picking to be more orderly, less drop and all the Reds will be picked in excellent condition.

ReTain is a helpful growth regulator with benefits to small and large growers. Time the applications 30 days ahead of anticipated normal harvest and then plan on picking treated fruit later than normal.

Stressful years

Apple trees under stress do not respond well to ReTain treatments. Hot, dry years seem to reduce the ReTain response. In those situations where trees’ stress is a factor, consider not applying ReTain or use the higher rate. One third and half rate will not provide good results on stressed trees. ReTain is also more effective closer to the 28 days before harvest timing rather that the 30 to 35 days before anticipated harvest.

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