Registration for greenhouse and horticultural lighting course closing June 30

Students will have three months to take the summer session of this self-paced, online course on greenhouse and horticultural lighting.

Photo: Heidi Wollaeger, MSU Extension
Photo: Heidi Wollaeger, MSU Extension

The registration for the summer session of the Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting Course in Michigan State University Extension’s College of Knowledge closes June 30, 2016. Students will have July 1 through Sept. 30, 2016 to complete the course. Sign up now!           

The non-credit, pre-recorded online course on greenhouse and horticultural lighting is intended for greenhouse and ornamental plant growers and others interested in learning about the fundamental concepts about how plants respond to light quality, quantity and in duration. Participants enrolled in this self-paced course will take a pre-test and a final exam to gauge their learning of the topics. Self-assessment quizzes will engage students with the material throughout the course. The course also provides links to 36 trade articles published on pertinent lighting topics. Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting is available through eXtension Campus for $129.

Complete the course and receive a $20 refund! Once students have paid for the course, completed the pre-test, final exam and the post-course evaluation, they will be eligible for a $20 refund. Students must complete all criteria by Sept. 30 and have emailed the instructor, Heidi Wollaeger, at, by Sept. 30 to receive the refund. If all conditions are met, the cost of the course is thus reduced to $109.

For more information, check out the previous article on the course and the course flier. Register now for the Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting online course!

The course will also be offered in Spanish in the near future.

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