Miracle weed and tips for seeding turf

Editor’s note: This article is from the archives of the MSU Crop Advisory Team Alerts. Check the label of any pesticide referenced to ensure your use is included.    

I’m a skeptic, it’s just my nature. When someone tells me about the latest miracle grass or secret lawn potion, I usually smile, listen, wish them luck, and tell them to call me when they have some research data that backs up their claim. Recently I stumbled across some interesting facts during an early morning Google episode on the web. Listen to this!

New miracle herb revealed! This herb will reportedly when eaten as part of your daily diet:

* Prevent or cure liver diseases.
* Cleanse your skin and eliminate acne (teenagers take note!).
* Lower blood pressure. ? Reduce acid indigestion (how do you spell relief?).
* Improve bowel function (no comment necessary…).
* Assist in weight reduction!!!!!!

The best part of this story is that you don’t even have to go to the local drug store to secure your supply. Just go outside and look at the sea Taraxacum officinale, that’s right dandelions. There may truly be gold in those dandelion fields. Just a reminder from last week’s issue, if you’re looking to control dandelions, the puff ball stage should be arriving soon and this is an effective time to try and suppress the dandelion population.

Tips for seeding turf now

The best time to seed turfgrass is in the autumn when temperatures are cool and rainfall is hopefully plentiful. However, in many situations turfgrass areas are now being seeded either to recover from some malady from last season or just to establish a new area. For any seeding project make sure to ensure good seed to soil contact, maintain adequate soil moisture during establishment, apply a starter fertilizer to supply nutrition to the young seedling, and avoid all herbicide applications until the turf has been mowed at least a couple times. Make sure to be careful when selecting fertilizers this time of year as there are many fertilizer herbicide combo products that contain either a preemergence or broadleaf herbicide.

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