Michigan peaches are now appearing at your local farmers market

For those living in Michigan, August and September mean peaches are becoming available at local farmer’s markets.

Did you know that Michigan is in the top five peach-producing states? Most of us think of Georgia when thinking about peaches. They are after all the “Peach State,” but think local when buying fresh fruits and vegetables and the Michigan peach is a winner! Fun facts, nutrition information and recipes can be found at the Michigan Peach Sponsors website.

Peaches are good for you, too. Low in calories, sodium and fat free, peaches are a very good source of vitamins A and C. Peaches are also a good source of potassium.

Peaches are ripe when their flesh yields softly to the touch and they have a rich, fruity smell. If they aren’t fully ripe, you can ripen peaches by placing in a brown paper bag at room temperature and checking daily. Ripe peaches should be stored unpeeled in the refrigerator in a perforated bag. Don’t have a perforated bag? Take a food storage bag and poke holes in it so that the air can circulate and prevent condensation, which could lead to moldy fruit.

Like any fresh fruit or vegetable, peaches need to be washed just before eating or preparation. Wash under cold running water rubbing the skin gently with your hands. Eating with the skin on will give you a healthy portion of fiber, but if you must remove the skin follow these easy steps:

  • Dip the peaches two or three at a time into boiling water
  • Immediately immerse them in a bowl of cold water
  • Slip skins off easily

If you’re not eating freshly skinned peaches immediately, toss them in a citrus juice to prevent browning, then refrigerate.

Looking for a healthy snack or dessert? Peaches are easily prepared, easy to pack for that quick snack during the day and make a tasty dessert – by themselves or prepared in recipes such as peach pie, cobbler or crisp. For a quick summer dessert, top vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt with freshly sliced peaches, and peaches taste great sliced over that morning bowl of cereal, too.

Information about preserving peaches can be found at the Michigan Fresh website.

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