Marketing Munchies: For the horticulture grower, wholesaler and retailer

A new weekly podcast series seeks to make research-based information easily accessible to the horticulture industry.

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There’s a new series in the podcast world and it has a little something for everyone: horticulture growers, wholesalers and retailers. Bridget Behe, professor of horticulture marketing at Michigan State University, shares her words of wisdom in Connect-2-Consumer’s weekly “Marketing Munchies” podcast. Her goal is to make her research results and information easily accessible to those who work in the horticulture industry and to deliver that information in a way that is quick yet easily understandable.

In Marketing Munchies, Behe focuses on branding, merchandising, pricing and guarantees, not only from the retail aspect but for the grower and wholesale side as well. Many of these podcasts include an interview with another horticulture professional to gain more insight on marketing topics in horticulture. Each engaging podcast in the series is full of new and relevant information fit into a five- to 10-minute span. A transcript is included in each post to accompany the podcast.

Some of Behe’s latest podcasts include Horizontal Merchandising and Pricing (Episode 24), where she used eye-tracking technology to study left and right placement of plants and price signs in a product display, as well as front versus back row placement of plants. In another podcast, Simple and Complex Displays (Episode 23), Patricia Huddleston joins Behe to discuss the differences between simple and complex store displays and how their location can be beneficial. To find these two podcasts and other Marketing Munchies podcasts, visit Connect-2-Consumer.

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