Holly Recreation Area – A Stepping Stones location

The outreach Stepping Stones program is designed to take urban youth to an outdoor setting while incorporating activities. Explore Holly Recreation Area.

Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources educate you in outdoor education through the Stepping Stones programs offered in various locations. A major goal is for youth to return every year to continue their outdoor education and potentially gain experience working in outdoor sciences. The Stepping Stones staff is the first step when it comes to encouraging outdoor activity and trying something new. This article series will explore the outreach conducted across five Michigan State Parks in the Southeast Michigan. These parks are: Island Lake Recreation Area, Maybury State Park, Proud Lake Recreation Area, Holly Recreation Area and Belle Isle State Park. In addition, five other parks across the state also hold Stepping Stones programs at Bay City Recreation Area, Sleepy Hollow State Park, Fort Custer Recreation Area, Muskegon State Park and P.J. Hoffmaster State Park.

Holly Recreation Area is 7,817 acres located in Holly, Michigan. The park is between Pontiac and Flint (not far from Detroit). The rolling woodland and prairies that dominate the landscape are featured in the development of the Holly Woods Disc Golf Course. Offering 9, 18 and 24 hole routes, this course offers a variety of challenges and fun for all skill levels.This park offers various activities and facilities for the public to use.

Similar to other locations, the Stepping Stones program provides opportunities, such as fishing, archery and learning to camp, for inner city youth, who many are unable to experience the great outdoors. Youth participants learn the necessary skills to excel is the activities, safety precautions to take and the benefits of spending time outside.

Camping 101 is a fun way to introduce youth to camping for the first time. Children learn all about the forest and essential camping supplies. After being split into teams and hearing the scenarios, the children rundown to a pile of ordinary household items and choose what they think is best for the current situation. Upon returning, they must defend why they chose that item. This allows for the children to learn about camping supplies as well exercise creative thought.

Nature Exploration is more than just your average walk through the park. In addition to nature trails, nature games and other land oriented activities, Michigan offers a wealth of water resources.  In Michigan, you are never more than 7 miles from a body of water, each body offering lots to explore.

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