Grand Rapids, Michigan, tree fruit regional report – September 4, 2012

Apple growers report smaller fruits than expected with such a light crop. Codling moth second generation is over and apple maggots are flying in low numbers.

Apple harvest is underway for Gala and Golden Delicious. Not surprisingly, growers are reporting picking out shorter than expected. Apple maturity is all over the board for many varieties. There is a considerable variation in maturity from block-to-block, tree-to-tree and even limb-to-limb.

Some fruits are mature and others are quite immature, especially where crop load is variable. In general, growers are reporting smaller fruits than expected with such a light crop. Fruits are marred up with frost marks and lenticel damage. Bitter pit is present in some areas, but less than expected so far. Brix levels are very much above normal.

Tree fruit insects

Codling moth trap numbers of adult males have been zeros for over two weeks. All activity from second generation codling moth is over. The likelihood of a third generation of codling moth is favorable as well, and we will continue to check traps into September. There have been no reports of adult flight for third generation yet.

Apple maggots are flying in low numbers and seem to be lessening. If you have apples to protect, you need to stay covered for apple maggots. If you don’t have your own traps up to monitor, it’s best to spray.

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