Get the most from manure nutrients

The basics always pay off in manure management

Want to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your manure buck? Follow these simple tips:

  • Take soil tests, and follow the recommendation they unveil.
  • When fertilizer is not called for, research has proven time and again it will not consistently or profitably add to yields.
  • Trust in manure nutrients and learn how to maximize your system to recycle and retain the most nitrogen.
  • Take current manure samples and have them tested for both forms of nitrogen (organic and ammonium) and of course for P and K. 
  • Find ways to haul manure to fields farther away that do need the P and K, and reduce fertilizer accordingly.
  • Swap land with your neighbor when their land is closer than your own to haul manure.
  • Be sure soil pH and compaction are corrected to allow all nutrients to work for the crop.

Above all, credit the manure nutrients first, using fertilizer only when there is a proven shortage in the soil. Be sure your agronomist provides you with a copy of the soil test results, not just the recommendations. It’s your land, your money and your future. 

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