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Product Development Team Makes the Finals

The MSU Food Product Development (FPD) team made the finals for the M&M Mars IFTSA FPD competition.  The competition will be held at the IFTSA annual meeting in Chicago July 11-14. Hope to see you there to support the team! 

The product is “SouperBowl, a frozen, microwavable savory soup in a lightly browned bread bowl.  An indulgent meal ready to eat in minutes.”  The team consists of Silas Bonczyk, Allison Burg, Javier Salas and Steve Skrypec (food science); Aaron Stebbins (nutritional science); and Joey Carroll (biosystems engineering). They have their work cut out for them -- a 22-page report, an oral presentation (open to the IFT attendees), a poster session and a tasting session/presentation, all in front of the judges. Janice Harte is the team advisor. Special thanks to Ed Szczygiel, food science graduate student, for help with the team.


Patent awarded to MSU students and faculty members

Three former MSU food science students  -- Hunter Gartner, Keith Emery and  Animequom Adams -- and two faculty members -- John Partridge and Janice Harte-- were awarded patent No. 8,993,944 B2 in March for the product concept that went on with additional students to win first place in the 2011 Institute of Food Technologists Student Association’s M&M Mars Competition. This was an innovative microwavable pie a la mode dessert.   The food and package system was designed to heat the pie and filling while keeping the ice cream frozen, warming it just enough to allow it to soften and be easily removed from its enclosed cup, a technology for which the patent was awarded.  

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