Fall seeding for turfgrass: When is it too late?

Fall seeding for turfgrass: When is it too late?

In a previous article, I covered tips for fall turfgrass establishment. A common question now is whether or not it is too late to establish turfgrass. If you’re thinking of re-sodding damaged areas, you have plenty of time. Although not a typical recommendation, we’ve actually planted sod on frozen soil and had good results the following spring.

If you’re considering seeding, don’t wait too much longer. Although the ideal seeding window is now in the rearview mirror, if we have a mild fall or entire winter like last year, seedings at this time can still be successful.

Along the Grand Rapids-Lansing-Detroit corridor, you are probably safe to seed until around October 1 and have enough time for the seed to germinate and survive the winter. If you’re north of that line and still want to seed, hope for a warm fall. Consider that seed is relatively inexpensive and if you’re not doing a large area, I wouldn’t worry too much. If it doesn’t survive the winter, you’ve got some practice in this fall and will be ready to go next spring.

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