Custom machine work rate estimates available

2015 farm machine work rates for Michigan summary is now available.

Farmers continue to utilize the practice of exchanging machine work between farms which has and will continue be a useful management tool. The Michigan “Farm Machine Work Rate for 2015” summary report has been posted on the FIRM – farm management web page Michigan State University Extension. This annual report provides Michigan farms a reference tool to assist them in the process of establishing a value for farm machine work being exchanged between farms. This report is not the real cost of any one farm, but is a summary of custom rate values taken from several sources. The report has been compiled and published to be a reference or starting point for farms to use in identifying their own farms actual numbers.

In this report you will find that the overall cost of farm equipment continues to increase along with the cost of labor and overhead pushing most reported costs higher. The one bright spot is the price of fuel which is lower than the last report providing some relief in the operational costs.

For farms looking back you can still find a copy of the past couple years Farm Machine Work Rate reports still posted on our web page. 

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