Can the Home Heating Credit help me?

See if you are eligible for assistance with winter heating bills.

For many, the harsh winter weather has led to increased heating costs. This has been particularly challenging for those with limited or low incomes. The Home Heating Credit (HHC) is a program funded by the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This credit helps eligible, low-income consumers with their winter heating bills. Michigan Home Heating Credits for 2013 are now being processed, so consider looking into this helpful program.

Who is eligible for the HHC? You are eligible if:

If eligible, how do I apply for the HHC?

  • Consumers must complete the MI-1040CR-7 form.
  • Consumers do not have to file a Michigan tax return to apply for the HHC.
  • There are numerous ways to access the MI-1040CR-7 form, including:
    1. Visit the Michigan Department of Treasury website.
    2. File online at the Department of Treasury:
    3. Request a form at the Department of Treasury: 517-636-4486.
    4. Paper copies are also available at Secretary of State Branch offices, Department of Health and Human Service offices, most libraries and some utility companies.
    5. TTY is available for hearing or speech impaired through the Michigan Relay Center at 800-649-3777 or 711.

When can I apply for the HHC?

  • As soon as you know your 2013 household income.
  • The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive the credit.
  • The deadline for filing the MI-1040CR-7 is September 30, 2014.

How long does it take to process the HHC?

  • Once the Michigan Department of Treasury receives an HHC claim form, it will take several weeks to process. To check the status on your HCC call 517-636-4486 or visit

Other energy and weatherization assistance programs:

  • Consumers who qualify for the HHC are also eligible for the Winter Protection Plan. Contact your local utility provider for additional information.
  • State Emergency Relief is a program that assists eligible consumers with energy related expenses. This crisis intervention program provides assistance such as heating fuel, electricity and home repairs. For eligibility guidelines and an online application, visit MI Bridges.
  • Weatherization Assistance Program provides free services to eligible, low income homeowners or renters who live in Michigan. Assistance could include wall insulation, attic insulation and ventilation, air leakage reduction, etc. This program is administered by local Community Action Agencies and nonprofit organizations. For more information contact your local Weatherization Operator.
  • Visit Be WinterWise for additional energy saving tips and resources.

For additional financial resources, including educational workshops visit Michigan State University Extension. If you’re wondering about your financial health, take a financial health survey from MI Money Health to get your financial health score! It's confidential and your answers never connect back to your name. This survey can help you evaluate your current financial situation, provide ideas on how you may improve your financial health, and connect you to resources in your local community.

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