Building Leadership to Address Latino Educational Underachievement in the Midwest

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PI: Martinez, R. (Michigan State University)
Co-PI: Greder, K. (Iowa State University)

Award: $5,000

Project Abstract:  Education is a long-time major concern among Latinos. This interstate project will involve partners from Michigan, Iowa and North Carolina in building leadership in Lansing and Southeast Michigan to address the problem of educational underachievement among Latinos. The project will train 20 educational leaders in the components and delivery of Juntos para una Mejor Educación (Juntos), a program with success in promoting educational achievement among Latino participants in North Carolina, Oregon, Iowa and other states. Leadership development through use of the Juntos program will promote the establishment of local community, university and school district partnerships. It will also strengthen the capacity of MSU Extension to engage community organizations and school districts in addressing the problem of Latino educational underachievement. The Juntos program will serve as the mechanism by which participants learn about the educational challenges within local Latino communities and about opportunities for partnerships in implementing the program. Program participants will design and pilot a Juntos program tailored to the local Latino community and context. It will build a community of practice in mid- and southeast Michigan that promotes Juntos in addressing Latino educational underachievement. Lessons learned from this project will inform the development of educational leadership in Missouri and Kansas the following year. The aim is develop locally designed Juntos programs in states across the North Central Region.

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