Agri-Mek label expanded to all stone fruits

Editor’s note: This article is from the archives of the MSU Crop Advisory Team Alerts. Check the label of any pesticide referenced to ensure your use is included.      

Insecticide 2010 label expansion

Compound             Label Change/Addition      Crops                               Target pests
Agri-mek 0.15EC    New Labeled Use                    cherries, peaches        mites

The Agri-Mek (avermectin) was expanded to cover the remaining stone fruit crops (cherries and peaches), adding to the existing labels for apples, pears, plums, prunes, grapes and strawberries. Target pests of Agri-mek include mites, white apple leafhopper, spotted tentiform leafminer, and pear psylla and pear rust mite. The active ingredient is a by-product of a soil fungus that has insecticidal activity. Agri-Mek is a translaminar (locally systemic) insecticide when applied before leaf tissue is mature, and it has long residual inside the foliage. On pears this product must be applied with one gallon of horticultural spray oil to effectively penetrate the leaf tissue. A nonionic surfactant or horticulture spray oil can enhance activity on apples and stone fruit crops, but may also increase the risk of phytotoxicity to fruit and foliage. For grapes, a nonionic surfactant needs to be added to improve wetting of foliage and smooth out spray deposits. For best mite control apply when mites first appear and before populations build beyond threshold.

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