Gypsy Moth Information and Management

The Michigan DNR says gypsy moth activity is expected across Lower Michigan this year after heavy defoliation last year by caterpillars.

The DNR said Michigan residents across the state may start to notice the loss of leaves on oak, aspen and maple trees again this year.

Gypsy moths are an invasive species, a term for non-native pests that can cause harm to native species and ecosystems. In its caterpillar life stage, the insect is a voracious leaf eater. Large numbers of gypsy moth caterpillars caused widespread defoliation in the state from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. A large population in 2020 may lead to more caterpillars hatching this spring in localized areas across Lower Michigan.

We are not aware of any aerial spraying that Montcalm has planned at this time, but here is some information for homeowners to try to manage the gypsy moths on their property:

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