Pest Management

Natural Enemies

Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group
The GLVWG is a communication network of vegetable specialists throughout the Great Lakes region which address current priorities facing growers and the vegetable industry including resources on crop disease and pest management.

Natural Enemy Field Guide
This guide provides information on natural enemies — beneficial organisms that provide natural pest control — and helps identify ones common to agricultural crops and home gardens.

Strategies to Enhance Insect Beneficials
This web resource provides a sustainable design to manage crop fields using natural enemies such as predators, parasites and pest-sickening “pathogens.”

Identifying and Enhancing Natural Enemies in Vegetable Crops
This 30 minute video explains how to identify and enhance natural enemies using habitat management.

Additional Resources

Pest Management
This ATTRA web resource contains information about materials to help manage a wide range of pests, as well as information about prevention of specific pests.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
MSU Extension offers online resources to help people correctly identify pests — insects, weeds, plant diseases and other pests — and to choose an effective control when one is needed.

Weather-based Pest Management
MSU Extension creates weather-specific pest and agricultural production tools for Michigan crop producers.

Integrated Pest Management Academy Webinars
The MSU Integrated Pest Management Program provides a series of webinars with topics including soil health, disease management and insect scouting.

MSU Identifying Natural Enemies in Crops and Landscapes
This pest management guide is available for purchase through the MSU extension bookstore. It includes detailed descriptions and colored photos of arthropods that provide natural pest control by feeding on pest insects, such as aphids, thrips, caterpillars and beetles that damage crops and other plants. To purchase the MSU Extension guide, fill out the pdf order form or order online.

Purdue Forage Field Guide
This pocket field guide covers pasture establishment and renovation; insect, weed, and disease identification and management; soil fertility; as well as animal nutrition requirements. The third edition is available Spring 2015. For a sample of the second edition, download the above-listed PDF document or read more online.