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Organic Price Lists

USDA Organic Poultry and Eggs (price per carton/pound 2004-2014)
Weekly Report on wholesale market for poultry and eggs
Wholesale Price per pound for grass fed beef

Livestock Resources

Dairy Herd Network
Dairy Herd Management is a monthly business magazine written to advise commercial dairy producers — to improve nutrition, herd health, milk quality, genetics, reproductive performance and financial management in order to run a competitive, profitable dairy farm business.

BEEF, the nation’s leading cattle publication, annually publishes 12 monthly issues for America’s top cow-calf operators, stocker-growers, cattle feeders, veterinarians, nutritionists and allied industries, covering production, animal health, nutrition, finance and marketing issues.

Organic Livestock Requirements
Organic livestock must be raised in a way that accommodates their health and natural behavior. Organic production and pasture-based systems provide animal health and environmental benefits (February 2013).

Pasture Resources

Purdue Forage Field Guide
This pocket field guide covers pasture establishment and renovation; insect, weed, and disease identification and management; soil fertility; as well as animal nutrition requirements. The third edition is available Spring 2015. For a sample of the second edition, download the above-listed PDF document or read more online.

Using Annuals to Extend the Finishing Season
Jim Gerrish, of American Grazinglands Services, explains how using winter annuals can extend the grazing window beyond those in perennial pastures in many areas.

Managing Perennial Pastures for Finishing
Jim Gerrish, of American Grazinglands Services, explains how managing pasture is more important than what is growing in the pasture when it comes to finishing cattle.

Plant Resources

Brassica Crop
Brassica is a genus of plants in the mustard family containing leafy stem crops — cauliflower, cabbage, cress, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts and some seeds.

Forage Brassica
Brassica products meet demands for high-quality forage when grass-based forage cannot. Learn how to renovate pasture while choosing and managing brassica.

Pasja: A Hybrid Forage Brassica
Pasja is a high energy, early maturing brassica that produces higher yield for grazing with the added benefits of fertility management and an exceptional nutritional value.

Appin Forage Turnip
An early maturing turnip used as a break crop and to extend the grazing season.

Turnips: A Seasonal Grazing Option
This chart provides options for turnip use during different seasons with several animals.

Late Summer Seeding Opportunities
Plant Appin turnips and Pasja with oats and cereal rye to yield high quality forage for grazing after rain comes to drought-stricken areas.