2021 M-AAA funded projects

Grants are awarded in one of three categories: research, extension or seed.


  • Apparent prevalence of hemotrophic mycoplasma infecting Michigan dairy calves – Pamela Ruegg
  • A novel phage-based approach to detect bovine tuberculosis infections using whole blood – Srinand Sreevatsan
  • Can micronutrient supplementation improve neonatal calf health by improving intranasal vaccine responsiveness? – Angel Abuelo
  • Fat mobilization inhibition improves clinical and production outcomes in the treatment of ketosis in dairy cows – Genaro Contreras
  • Value Determination of an Emerging Beef × Holstein Production System: Phase 1 - Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics – Daniel Buskirk
  • Examining Impacts of Weaning Stress on Resilience in Pigs – Catherine Ernst
  • The Economic Impact of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Michigan Dairies – Melissa McKendree
  • Optimization of vaccination strategies against Salmonella Dublin in dairy herds – Angel Abuelo
  • Maximizing yields of milk fat and protein utilizing homegrown high oleic acid soybeans and cottonseed by-products – Adam Lock
  • Spatial variation in dairy TMR - impacts on cows and training to improve consistency – Barry Bradford
  • Enhancing net food production by using “leftover” Michigan feeds for dairy cows – Michael VandeHaar
  • Developing Integrated Crop-Lamb Grazing Systems for Michigan – Kim Cassida
  • The Impact of a Public Equine Facility on Visitor Anxiety and Future Engagement with Michigan’s Horse Industry – Christine Skelly
  • Increasing fertility in Michigan dairy herds utilizing electronic estrus detection technologies – J. Richard Pursley
  • Characterizing Wastewater from Michigan’s Meat Processing Facilities – Jeannine Schweihofer
  • Identifying metabolic biomarkers as indicators of feed efficiency in lactating dairy cows – Zheng Zhou


  • Development of self-directed, team-based antimicrobial stewardship plans on dairy farms – a pilot program – Pamela Ruegg
  • Developing the Future Veterinary Agricultural Workforce through an Online Graduate Certificate in Dairy Health Management at Michigan State University – Angel Abuelo
  • Sanitation employee training for small meat and poultry processors – Jeannine Schweihofer
  • Strategies that Emphasize Management Over Medication in Extensive Swine Production – Casey Zangaro
  • Moving to zero: A pathway to eradicate bovine leukemia virus from dairy herds – Phillip Durst


  • Apparent prevalence of methicillin-resistant & susceptible Staphylococci spp. in bulk tank milk from Michigan dairy herds – Pamela Ruegg
  • Creating Value for Michigan’s Beef Traceability System – Melissa McKendree
  • Automated Detection of Undesirable Cage-Free Hen Behaviors – Daniel Morris
  • Investigation of the effects of a probiotic yeast soybean/sugar beet based feed supplement on equine metabolic and gastrointestinal microbiome health – Jane Manfredi