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We are excited to develop the KBS LTAR as a place where research and learning happen, and relationships are developed. We value the involvement of a diverse set of scientists and stakeholders to ensure the relevance in this project. Engagement with stakeholders and researchers will help to ensure the relevance, innovation and practicality of the project. If you are involved in agriculture in the region and would be interested in contributing, please contact us.

Contact Brook Wilke if you are interested in conducting research on the KBS LTAR or trying KBS LTAR treatments on your farm.

Brook Wilke

Brook Wilke

Associate Director for Science and Agronomy, KBS LTAR
W.K. Kellogg Biological Station

Contact Julie Doll for information about collaborating on educational programming, requesting a speaker, visiting the site, interviewing our researchers, our stakeholder efforts, or other outreach-related activities.