FW 491: Introduction to Lakes: Ecology and Management

1 Credit, Summer Session 1

This course provides a quick (1 credit) and effective introduction to lakes.  The course focuses on lakes smaller than the Great Lakes, and includes an emphasis on lake shoreline areas.  Ecological topics include interactions between aquatic organisms and their physical and chemical environment, and  differences between native and invasive aquatic plants.  Management topics include permitting processes and regulations regarding lakes, and engaging other stakeholders. Content is based on MSU Extension’s An Introduction to Lakes course. 

 This course is for you if: you’d like to know more about lakes and their management; you are an FW major but can’t fit limnology in your schedule.

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* A non-credit option for this course is available. Please contact Dr. Lois Wolfson for more details.                                                                                       

 Photo Credit: Lois Wolfson